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Why We Focus on Helping Senior Dogsby Ann-Marie Fleming

20 December, 2018

Senior Dogs - Dog Quality

Recently I was speaking with one of our customers, a huge supporter of our Dogger stroller, who expressed concern that by focusing on senior dogs we may be missing out on customers with younger dogs that could use our products. As I began to explain to her why we are so passionate about creating products for seniors, I thought that perhaps I should share our reasoning with all of you because you may be surprised to know that our focus on senior dogs means that all dogs benefit and here's why...

What You Need to Know About Adopting a Senior Dogby Ann-Marie Fleming

15 November, 2018

Senior Dog - Dog Quality

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month. When you adopt a senior dog, you’re saving a life and giving them a second chance. I’ve personally found it life-changing. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years from adopting senior dogs.

Top 10 Reasons to Use the Doggerby Ann-Marie Fleming

18 October, 2018

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Dog owners choose to purchase a Dogger for their older or disabled pooch for many different reasons. Often a four-legged family member is having trouble walking and/or vision loss, and that is the obvious motivation to bring a stroller home. However, there are many more reasons beyond the gift of mobility. Often owners of healthy canines and young pups are enjoying the Dogger as well. To explain further, we've got the top 10 reasons to use the Dogger dog stroller.

Trick or Treat?! Our Favorite Dog Halloween Costume Ideasby Ann-Marie Fleming

10 October, 2018

dog-wearing-costumeJust when you think your pooch couldn’t be any cuter, Halloween rolls around and there’s really nothing more adorable than dogs in Halloween costumes. Whether your four-legged family member will be joining the rest of the family trick or treating or you’ll be heading out for a doggie Halloween event, I’ve rounded up some of the best dog Halloween costume ideas I could find. 

The Inspiration Behind Our Gentle Rise Bed Rampby Ann-Marie Fleming

01 October, 2018

Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp

I am so excited to have just released our Gentle Rise Bed Ramp. We have been working on it for the past year. I wanted to share what inspired me to design this particular ramp and some of the decisions and challenges we faced along the way.

What You Should Know About Managing Dog Incontinenceby Ann-Marie Fleming

25 September, 2018

dogs in Dog Quality Diapers

A lot of people don’t realize how common older dog incontinence is. I didn’t either until I had my own senior dogs. When pooches hit a certain age, managing accidents often becomes the center of your life. Sadly, it’s a reason why people put down their pets. It really doesn’t have to be that way and the good news is that an older dog having accidents isn’t necessarily a sign of something serious. Usually, it’s due to a leaky bladder or, in the case of fecal incontinence, a spinal issue. With patience, the right dog incontinence products and creativity, you can keep your older dog comfortable and your floors and furniture dry.

Our Favorite Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Senior Dogsby Ann-Marie Fleming

11 September, 2018

Making your own dog food is a more affordable alternative to commercial versions and you’ll be able to control what goes into it. With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite homemade dog food recipes for older dogs that contain safe ingredients.

CBC Feature Article: 'You name it, it's in there': Have we hit peak pet stroller?by Ann-Marie Fleming

28 August, 2018


"Old dogs, eccentric owners and 'fur baby' movement combine for pet stroller's moment in the sun. Nancy Jelenic doesn't go anywhere without Mr. Pickles and Georgy Girl. As the name of her Yaletown store — Barking Babies — suggests, Jelinec thinks of the Chihuahua and Yorkie as her "dog children." She takes them everywhere: work, hairdresser, grocery store."

Case Study: How the Dog Quality Dogger Stroller Changed My Senior Dog’s Lifeby Ann-Marie Fleming

20 August, 2018

Dog Quality Stroller

When my senior dogs started experiencing mobility issues, there were pet strollers on the market but I couldn’t find something that was comfortable, durable and handled all types of terrain. For me, it was crucial to have a dog stroller that worked equally as well whether I took one of my older dogs for a jog, on a hiking trail or simply around the block for a stroll. Just because a dog reaches an age where they can’t get around as well as they used to and they need to rest frequently, doesn’t mean they can’t stay active and continue to have adventures. In fact, in their senior years, it’s more important than ever that dogs go for walks and enjoy the outdoors since it gives them the exercise and stimulation they need to improve their health and avoid boredom and depression.

Senior Dog Summer Activities Your Pooch Will Loveby Ann-Marie Fleming

06 July, 2018

Senior Dog Summer Activities

I think our dogs’ senior years give us so many opportunities to bond deeply and I firmly believe in living an active lifestyle with your dog no matter their age. The challenges that come along with dog aging, like arthritis, having accidents or dealing with health conditions, don’t mean the adventures have to stop. You know your pooch best and by tailoring activities to meet their needs and keep them safe, you can both take advantage of the warm weather months and spend quality time together. Here are ideas for senior dog summer activities that will give your furry family member the stimulation, exercise, and excitement they need for their physical and mental health.

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