Running with your Dogger stroller (exercise has never been this fun!)

Running with your Dogger stroller (exercise has never been this fun!)

Running with your Dogger stroller (exercise has never been this fun!)

With spring fast approaching I for one cannot wait to be able to do more outdoors again. Exercising inside and taking short walks because of the poor weather is no substitute for all that we can do once winter is behind us.

As soon as I start to feel a bit of warm weather I start planning all the fun activities I can do with my dogs, Moon Pie and Ellie Bellie, including being able to run outdoors again. And there is no better way to run than with the Dogger stroller so my girls can come along for the ride. They love it, I love the company and no one gets left behind.

A fun fact that many people may not know is that our Dogger stroller was always meant to be a jogging stroller, which is where the name comes from dog + jogger = Dogger! (my younger brother actually came up with the name which has been his claim to fame ever since) So by design it is meant for active lifestyles.

When I first discovered dog strollers it was to help my dogs that were struggling with mobility issues. They still wanted to get out and enjoy life but their bodies were not cooperating. And I had a goal of combining fun with my dogs and exercise. Unfortunately none of the pet strollers on the market were built for running and so the idea for the Dogger was born from a desire to create a superior stroller that you could run with, walk with, and even hike with, eliminating the boundaries existing strollers had set. I believe very strongly that our dogs, especially our seniors, deserve to always find adventure regardless of their age or challenges and the Dogger was designed to help make this possible.

Running with your Dogger dog stroller

My dogs have never been athletic so the idea of them trying to keep up is quite humorous. I also tend to have senior dogs or special needs dogs so again the idea of doing anything quickly is unlikely, but with the Dogger we can really get moving. 

I often feel that my dogs are secretly willing me to run or walk faster and so I try. It's like having your own personal fitness coaches along for the ride.

I am also pretty sure that the entire time that I am out with them running I have a silly grin on my face because we must look pretty darn cute, me running and pushing a dog stroller with the top down and two adorable special needs dogs enjoying the ride. 

Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to get out and be active and whether that's walking or running, doing this with your furry family members makes it so much more than exercise, it becomes an adventure. 

There are four amazing things I learned exercising with a dog stroller 1) It's harder since it creates resistance and that increases the intensity of your work out; 2) it's way more fun when you can bring your dogs along; 3) everyone, including your dogs get way more exercise since your dogs can get out and walk when able and rest when needed, and 4) you can cover way more distance when you have a stroller that your dogs can ride in when you've gone further than they can physically handle. The only downside is that I never get to ride.😉 

The thing I love even more than my own Dogger adventures is seeing our customers living active lifestyles thanks to the freedom the Dogger provides. Knowing that the Dogger is helping people and their dogs stay active and enjoy quality time together is incredibly rewarding because life too often makes doing what we know to be healthy more difficult. Whether it's a walk, a run or a walk and run, the moments we create are so special and the health benefits invaluable.

And it doesn't matter if your dog is young or a senior there is joy in getting out with your dog and often times taking them in a stroller is the easiest and best way to do this. During this time we allow ourselves to be in the moment and just enjoy being together. It's incredible and I want everyone to experience it.

So it doesn't matter if you are a marathon runner, a casual jogger or just someone who wants to be more active, I promise that you will never enjoy it more than when you have your dog right there with you thanks to your Dogger stroller.

And in case you need even more inspiration here are some of our amazing customers who run with their Dogger. I know they make me want to get out running so hopefully they will do the same for you! 

@mollyjhurford is an ultra runner which makes running a marathon look like a walk in the park. Molly has been using her Dogger to take DW, her adorable dachshund, out on some of her runs while training and why not, it is so fun! Running can be a very solitary activity so having your dog along for the ride can make it a family affair, plus it can give you an even better workout in the process. Also when Molly trains she stays in a camper van and when the temperature gets too hot she can ensure DW is safe and cool by having him out with her in his Dogger. You can read all about Molly and DW's Dogger running experience in her article: Learning to Take Ourselves Less Seriously – And the Joy It Brings!


@mac_luvin2022 is a young pup with big dreams who runs and rides with his parents on a regular basis, but clearly prefers riding! They typically take it out for a spin running 5 miles or more. If you ever questioned how much fun running with your dog can be then check out Mac. When you see the pure joy on his face and those adorable floppy ears you will never doubt again. Mac is a second generation runner-rider, continuing the family tradition of staying fit and having fun with their Dogger.

@iadoretheodor used to run 3 miles with his mom Juliane (@ilovemarshi), but now that he is 10 years old he can only go for shorter distances. Rather than denying Theo his favorite activity his mom bought him a Dogger stroller. This was the perfect solution allowing him to run for a little bit and then hop in the Dogger for some rest before he gets out to run some more. Theo stays fit, he stays mentally stimulated and has a blast in the process, all without overdoing it or injuring himself. Juliane found a way to help him continue to live large with a little help from the Dogger.

In fact, having the Dogger allows them to go even longer distances and across hilly courses. They run anywhere from 3-6 miles and have a system that works. Theo rests and enjoys the scenery, but when he wants to get out and run, he turns around in the Dogger and gets up on his hind legs with his front paws resting on the canopy to tell his mom that he's ready to get out and run some more. Theo also participates in 5K run events riding in his Dogger and loving the thrill of competition as his mom passes other runners. He is truly living his best life (and so is his mom).

So with spring just around the corner I hope that you will find ways to get out with your dog, stay active and find adventure in everything you do because your heart, your body and your dog will thank you.❤️

Ann-Marie Fleming is the Founder & CEO of Dog Quality, a provider of  innovative assistive products focused on improving the quality of life for older dogs and the families that care for them. 

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