Dogger™ Stroller

$299.95 USD

Go Anywhere, Do Anything with Your Dogger

The Dogger™, a Dog Quality product, is unlike any other pet stroller on the market. We designed this stroller with senior dogs in mind which is why it is absolutely the most comfortable and sturdy ride for your dog available today.

The Dogger is equipped with real rear suspension allowing you to take any bumps, cracks or obstacles in your path with ease. The basket sits higher up than most strollers allowing your dog to have the best view available which they will LOVE!

The canopy can be used in multiple positions and panels can be removed. Never leave your dog at home again with this high quality stroller made in Canada with more heart than you have ever seen in a product before.

The roomy basket (26"L x 13.5"W x 20"H) comes with a soft pad for added comfort and mesh windows for maximum visibility. 12" air-filled tires and rear shocks give you and your dog an incredibly smooth ride. And with a front wheel that can swivel, you get 360 degree maneuverability.

This dog stroller is also built to make it comfortable for dog parents with its adjustable handle bars and handy underneath storage. The Dogger comes with a useful rain cover.

*Drink holder, orthopedic pad and safety lights sold separately. 

For long term coverage, the Dogger's 2 year warranty on all frame related parts, represents the best product protection in the market today. 

There are many benefits to using a dog stroller from assisting older dogs or disabled dogs with mobility issues, to helping dogs that need a break from the heat, or a rest from a long walk. A dog stroller is also a terrific means for safely transporting your dog and for keeping them out of harm's way. Whatever your need may be, give your dog the very best - give them a Dogger.

Customer Reviews

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Teresa T. (Upland, US)
Window in front of stroller

I love this stroller built well rides so nice but I don’t know why stroller companies don’t put a bigger window in the front of the stroller . My dog wants to lay down and see out , but she cant. So she stands up again so every stroller company needs to put a bigger window in the front of the stroller

Thank you for your feedback Teresa. I understand what you are saying which is why the Dogger was designed with a shallow basket. The entire reason the basket is shallow is to ensure that senior dogs can see out without having to stand. Thanks again.

Elaine M. (Langley, CA)
Easy to set up

Thrilled to be able to set up the Dogger so easily. I actually watched the Dogger set up video on You Tube. Thank you.
My Yorkie puts on the “ brakes” when it’s raining out so the stroller will be perfect to start our walks in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Marc R. (Clermont, US)
Best available with a small caveat

Very satisfied with the quality of this carrier with the exception of the zippers - they are on the delicate side. They really need to be larger, more industrious, and easier to start engagement or not allowed to disconnect at all.

Larry L. (Twin Lakes, US)
Great Solution

I bought this for our 19 pound Westie who has started to make questionable choices in her golden years. I think it's part of their DNA to be stubborn and make unreasonable decisions because every time we went out for a walk she pulled back so hard that it made our nice quiet time together turn into a workout, FOR BOTH OF US. A rational being would realize that simply walking aside the person who is dragging you on the ground would be much easier but it always got to the point where I would simply have to pick her up and carry her like the princess she feels she is. Not good on the old back.

I was done and decided to build a stroller!! It was awkward, the wheels were loud, it didn't push through gravel and frankly, it was embarrassing - but she loved the life of being the queen that everyone fussed over and I was now in the position to lose the next battle. I broke down and bought this overkill stroller. Worth every penny because it rolls over all terrains, handles easily and best of all is QUIET. My wife and I are now happy that we can continue our nightly walks and bring this spoiled privileged cute ball of fur with us.

Peggy C. (Bradenton, US)
Game Changer

The “Dogger” is top quality, smooth riding and easy to maneuver. My dog loves it and so do I. I can power walk once again but with my older dog by my side. She loves the view from her new seat. I often care for my son’s dog and the Dogger is easy to maneuver with one hand so I can leash walk her.