Dogger Stroller

$349.95 USD

Go Anywhere, Do Anything with Your Dogger

The Dogger™, a Dog Quality product, is unlike any other pet stroller on the market. We designed this stroller with senior dogs in mind which is why it is absolutely the most comfortable and sturdy ride for your dog available today.

The Dogger is equipped with real rear suspension allowing you to take any bumps, cracks or obstacles in your path with ease. The basket sits higher up than most strollers allowing your dog to have the best view available which they will LOVE!

The canopy can be used in multiple positions and panels can be removed. Never leave your dog at home again with this high quality stroller made in Canada with more heart than you have ever seen in a product before.

The roomy basket comes with a soft pad for added comfort and mesh windows for maximum visibility. 12" air-filled tires and rear shocks give you and your dog an incredibly smooth ride. And with a front wheel that can swivel, you get 360 degree maneuverability.

This dog stroller is also built to make it comfortable for dog parents with its adjustable handle bars and handy underneath storage. The Dogger comes with a useful rain cover.

*Drink holder, orthopedic pad, pump and safety lights sold separately.

For long term coverage, the Dogger's 2 year warranty on all frame related parts, represents the best product protection in the market today. 

There are many benefits to using a dog stroller from assisting older dogs or disabled dogs with mobility issues, to helping dogs that need a break from the heat, or a rest from a long walk. A dog stroller is also a terrific means for safely transporting your dog and for keeping them out of harm's way. Whatever your need may be, give your dog the very best - give them a Dogger.

Dogger Stroller Specs:
  • 12" Air-filled tires
  • 2 Interior security leashes
  • Interior Size: 27"L x 13.5"W x 20"H
  • Folded: 38 1/2" L x 24" W x 18 1/2" H

Customer Reviews

Based on 897 reviews
E.S. (Bentonville, US)
Don't Wait Buy Now!

I wish I would have bought this sooner! We have an 18 year old dachshund who lost the ability to walk unassisted at 17 due to IVDD. We had been taking him around the neighborhood in a wagon, but he's been having a hard time sitting up to see over the side. Searching for strollers that would allow him to see out while laying down I came across the Dogger. When I saw that the front folds down, I knew this was the best option for us. It is an expensive item, but the quality is worth it! This thing is sturdy, easy to assemble (just pop the tires on) and it glides so smoothly. I was worried a dog stroller would steer stiff and bulky, like a shopping cart, but the Dogger maneuvers lightly on a dime. We joke that this stroller is like the Soarin' ride at Epcot-Disneyworld for our dog. He seems to be enjoying as if it was! The brake is also unexpectedly handy and easy to use too. I didn't think I'd need it, but it makes taking a break while out, super convenient. If I would have gone with one of those cheaper stroller options I don't think we would use it as much as we are using the Dogger and we certainly wouldn't be taking it out of neighborhood. We can now go to parks, markets and breweries with our little guy because he can lay down comfortably if he needs to in the stroller and it maneuvers so easily. (We also attached a clip-on rechargeable fan to keep him cool so he can ride/snooze in comfort.) In conclusion, this stroller has given not just our dog, but our entire family the ability to do things that we haven't been able to do for years. We are so grateful to have found the Dogger!!
*The stroller was backordered when I first found it, but customer service was very quick in their reply that it would be back in about 2 weeks. I was a little hesitant that we would be waiting much longer and maybe I should go with my 2nd choice stroller, but the features of the Dogger outweigh the benefit of having an inferior stroller sooner. It was worth the wait! And customer service was right- it was shipped out in 2 weeks.

Martha (Clovis, US)
The best for my 18.5-yr-old

Best money ever spent. Easy to travel with & durable. Gets me out with my pup - beach, mountains, restaurants. Thank you!

Melissa C. (Santa Ynez, US)
Excellent stroller

I’m super happy with the Dogger. It folds easily, is not (too) awkward to load in my car. The ride is smooth and balanced. I appreciate the versatility of top configuration as well. Really well constructed!
It did take a few weeks to get to me, although weather was a factor.

Annee A. (Beaverton, US)
The Dogger is our new SUV

Easy to put together, fun to drive, great shock absorbers, feels secure for my small pups. I love it. One dog likes it, the other despises it. That said, we haven't had our Dogger long so haven't attempted any training in regard to it. And that leaves a tether available for a visiting granddog or furfriend to ride along. I purchased the rainhood, which we haven't used yet, but the regular hood has proven water resistant so far under light rain. The Dogger is bada**. It outranks any stroller my human kids ever used. Since I don't drive, the Dogger is also a lifesaver in case of veterinary emergency. I can jog a pup to the vet about as fast as I could pack her onto my cargobike and pedal there. Major perk is the smiles and exclamations from other trail/sidewalk users and drivers stopped at crosswalks. My only suggestion to dogquality is to offer a proper fitting tire pump and gauge as an add-on since not all bike pumps fit the tires.

Lucchesi L. (Los Angeles, US)

First Pet | Dog Stroller Purchase. Bought for Two of My Kats for our easy hike walks. Already want to buy an extra one because I Love This One So Much. Fits both my kats each probably 15lbs.~ish comfortably. Favorite Belated Christmas Gift for our fam.