Dog Quality, a company dedicated to creating innovative assistive products that improve the quality of life for senior dogs and the families that care for them, is seeking investors to significantly expand production capacity to meet growing customer demand and implement its product development roadmap. 


Dog Quality helps families manage the challenges of caring for a senior dog so they can enjoy this time together. Dogs age in an almost identical way to humans and just like in the human world, with the right products, this stage of life can be managed and filled with joy. Whether it be mobility issues, cognitive challenges, incontinence, or more, we help families find joy, comfort, health, and happiness throughout their senior dog’s golden years. By developing products with the needs of senior dogs in mind, products are not only of the highest quality but are also life-changing for dogs and families alike.

Our products currently include dog strollers, traction socks, diapers, pads, steps, ramps, nutritious treats, and more.

Dog Quality Customers


  • An estimated 65.1 million households in the US own at least one dog and more than 50% of all dogs are considered to be in their senior years.
  • Rapidly growing customer demand that exceeds current capacity creating a significant opportunity for expansion through an increase in production capabilities.
  • Strong product roadmap with late-stage prototypes and customer validation.
  • Dog Quality is a brand trusted by parents of senior dogs around the world, known for our quality, compassion, and superior products that truly address the needs of senior dogs and those that care for them.
  • As people embrace pets as family they are investing more into their care and as a result, dogs are living longer creating a growing population of senior dogs that require specialized products.
  • The global pet market is predicted to grow from $320 billion (USD) today to roughly $500 billion (USD) by 2030 with senior dog products being one of the fastest-growing segments.


With a growing population of senior dogs pet parents are often faced with managing the challenges of aging in their dogs now more than ever. Similar to what people face as we age, dogs go through almost identical changes. Mobility challenges, incontinence, cognitive decline, as well as a variety of medical conditions often associated with aging, are common when caring for a senior dog.

Dog Quality's products are designed to help families manage the challenges that come with caring for a senior dog so they can continue to find joy during this stage of life. And by designing products with the needs (and limitations) of senior dogs in mind, we are solving some of the most challenging problems dogs and their families face, resulting in high-quality products that change lives.

Age-related problems are often the reason that parents say goodbye to their senior dogs so our mission is to give families better options. By providing a means for them to manage the challenges their dogs face as they age, their dogs can continue to have a high-quality life filled with fun, happiness, and comfort, extending the time they have together.


According to Bloomberg Intelligence's Pet Economy Report, the global pet industry is expected to reach nearly $500 billion USD by 2030. The US, which is Dog Quality's primary market, is expected to exceed $143 billion USD in 2023, reaching more than $200 billion USD by 2030. With more than half of all dogs considered to be in their senior years, Dog Quality is uniquely positioned to become the leader in the senior dog product category.


  • 125,000+ customers helped worldwide
  • 1,000+ average monthly orders
  • 25%+ returning customer rate
  • 7,000+ 5-star reviews 


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