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Senior Dog Blog

What Causes Senior Dog Diarrhea and How to Treat itby Ann-Marie Fleming

10 August, 2019

dog friends on the couch

When you bring your dog home for the first time, there are so many exciting things to look forward to. With afternoon walks, play time at the park and evening snuggles to attend to, cleaning up messes like dog diarrhea is likely far from your mind. But while diarrhea might not be pleasant, it can be a common part of a senior dog’s life. You need to be willing to support your pup in sickness and in health.

Why an IVDD Pet Parent Gives the Dogger a Big Thumbs Upby Ann-Marie Fleming

31 July, 2019

Cherished Hound at the beach in her Dogger™

Wendy Haines runs a dog health blog, Cherished Hound, aimed at helping her fellow dog parents manage an intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) diagnosis in their pooch, prevent IVDD episodes and help dogs achieve optimal health. Her adorable 12-year-old miniature dachshund, Isabella, was diagnosed with IVDD in August 2017. Wendy has been able to help Isabella recover from two major IVDD episodes without surgery and has been managing the disease with a healthy lifestyle and IVDD protocols. Cherished Hound is a valuable resource for learning about and dealing with IVDD because Wendy has waded through the research and as she says, she’s “been there, done that.”

Why Big Dogs Need Support Tooby Ann-Marie Fleming

09 July, 2019

big senior dog stroller

As any pet parent knows, your dog is inevitably going to get older. Regular tasks will become more difficult and your pup might need things like doggie diapers for incontinence, a dog stroller for long walks, or a dog ramp to help him navigate tricky stairs. But when we think of providing support for aging dogs, bigger dogs often get overlooked. After all, it’s easier to fit a Pomeranian in a stroller than a German Shepherd!

Animal Communication: Understanding Your Senior Dogby Ann-Marie Fleming

14 June, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking when his ears perk up? Or what’s going through her mind when she has her tail between her legs? One of the trickiest parts of dog ownership is trying to figure out what our dogs’ sounds and behaviours mean. But learning how your pup communicates is important for their quality of life, especially as they reach their senior years.

Why Our Dogs are Living Longer and What This Means for Pet Parentsby Ann-Marie Fleming

15 May, 2019

senior dog sitting in flowers

Anyone who’s had a dog knows the incredible bond that can form between human and animal. That’s what makes it so hard when we have to say goodbye to our furry family members. Fortunately, dogs are living longer which means we get more time for walks, snuggles and playtime. But like us, our pets’ needs and abilities change as they age. Caring for an aging dog takes patience and understanding.

Your Guide to Grippers™ Non Slip Dog Socksby Ann-Marie Fleming

16 April, 2019

Non-slip dog socks give older dogs suffering from arthritis, hip problems or general leg weakness, the grip they need to walk on slippery surfaces like tile or hardwood. You won't find a more comfortable or affordable way to help stabilize your older dog on difficult indoor surfaces. But there can be an adjustment period, lots of questions about sizing and keeping them on and then of course caring for the socks...we've compiled the most frequently asked questions into a handy infographic! 

Tips for Successful Senior Dog-Friendly Road Tripsby Ann-Marie Fleming

18 March, 2019

Dog Quality dogs on road trips

With spring on its way, maybe you have some road trip plans in the works. My senior dogs absolutely love car rides. What dog doesn’t? It’s one of their greatest joys. Thankfully, there’s no need to leave your dog behind even if they are older. With a little planning and the right supplies, you can have a safe and successful senior dog-friendly road trip. Whether you’re taking a trip to meet your own rescue fur baby or just for a little spring break fun, here’s how to navigate the road with your four-legged friend (or friends)...

Tips for Enjoying Winter With Your Senior Dogby Ann-Marie Fleming

20 January, 2019

Willow wearing leg warmers

Even in the winter, walks are essential for your senior dog to get the exercise and stimulation they need. After all, in some areas of the country, avoiding winter walks would mean keeping your dog cooped up for a good portion of the year. Yet, with ice and snow, de-icing chemicals on the ground, low temperatures and dogs with very strong feelings towards the weather, navigating winter with your older dog can be tough.

Why We Focus on Helping Senior Dogsby Ann-Marie Fleming

20 December, 2018

Senior Dogs - Dog Quality

Recently I was speaking with one of our customers, a huge supporter of our Dogger stroller, who expressed concern that by focusing on senior dogs we may be missing out on customers with younger dogs that could use our products. As I began to explain to her why we are so passionate about creating products for seniors, I thought that perhaps I should share our reasoning with all of you because you may be surprised to know that our focus on senior dogs means that all dogs benefit and here's why...

What You Need to Know About Adopting a Senior Dogby Ann-Marie Fleming

15 November, 2018

Senior Dog - Dog Quality

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month. When you adopt a senior dog, you’re saving a life and giving them a second chance. I’ve personally found it life-changing. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years from adopting senior dogs.

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