About Us

Dog Quality, a Canadian based company, has been helping senior dogs around the world since 2011. Our specialized products focus on improving the quality of life for older dogs so they can age gracefully, retain their dignity and continue to find adventure in everything they do.

Is your dog getting older? Do they move a little slower than they used to? You can help to make their life easier by understanding their needs and providing them with alternative ways to do the things they love to do. You can help them to cope with many of the changes that aging may bring through our specialized assistance products. Our dog strollers and non slip dog socks help dogs with mobility challenges and our washable dog diapers, belly bands and pads help manage dog incontinence.

As our dogs get older and begin showing signs of age we are reminded of just how precious and short our time is with our four legged family members. This is why we have made it our mission to provide you with the best selection of products to make sure you are able to give your dog the assistance they need to continue to enjoy life, find adventure and thrive during their golden years.

When people ask me why I focus on helping older dogs, I explain to them that I am doing this because I know from personal experience how wonderful this stage of life can be with our senior dogs and the amazing difference that the right products can make in their lives. We are proud to be able to offer these life changing products across Canada, the United States and globally to ensure that dog parents always have valuable options available to help improve the quality of life for their older dog.

Dogs are our life and we are dedicated to helping parents like yourself enjoy many happy years together with your older dog. After all, isn't your dog worth it?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Ann-Marie Fleming
Founder, CEO 

Make Every Moment Count