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Hear what our customers are saying about our products and see the difference they are making in the lives of their dogs.


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I wanted to say Thanks for your help and kindness regarding the right fit for Muki’s diaper! Life really has improved at our house and she looks darn cute!

Alexis Allen-Steed, Little River, California

Laikaluv & Sache

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Laikaluv is the Boston terrier she’s 5 yrs old, her brother Sache little chihuahua yorkie is going to be maybe 4 this year. He’s a little rescue from nyc. His little legs are only five inches tall he doesn’t walk long distances. Plus The stroller is for me more than them. I’m older have tons of health issues and using it helps me walk and let them enjoy outside safely. They had a great time. Laikaluv is sleeping in it right now in our apt. Laika’s stroller is her haven.

Cathy Gonzalez, Troy, New York


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We have been loving our Dogger since March 2018. Thank you for making such a well made, functional, easy to use and beautiful product! Most of all we love it because it lets us do more together! Isabella is able to get her exercise and rest when she needs it...and I can keep going!!! I don’t have to stop because she needs to. She also enjoys the stimulation she gets while riding in her Dogger stroller. It’s THE best!!!

Wendy Haines, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


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It's not an exaggeration to say the Dog Socks saved our dog's life. At 13.5, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's back legs slid out every attempted step on our hardwood floors. We had to lift him up and walk him everywhere--it was like he was on ice skates. He was fine on carpet and outdoors but unfortunately, our entire house is wood. We thought "Do you put an otherwise healthy dog down because they can't walk on your floors?" Our answer was "maybe?" because carrying him around our house was not a tenable long-term situation. We wanted to try everything first and finally found these socks. LIFE SAVER. They don't bother him one bit (and he's a dog that HATES his feet groomed or toes clipped) and more importantly, he walks like a champ on our hardwood floors!!! AMAZING! Thanks for saving Sullivan!

Kelly O'Donnell, Plymouth, Michigan


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Our dogs name is Codi and she is 2 and a half years old..Havanese. We take multiple long walks with her everyday so we allow her to use the Dogger for part of our walks (know she is young and can walk, but she probably puts in at least 3 miles walking and 3 miles in the Dogger a day) We also use the Dogger for her in the house as she likes to sit in it while we eat our meals…she feels like she is part of the party :)!

Rita Hawaux

Otis & Emmy

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Otis is my 'old man/little boy' and Emmy is his sidekick, sometimes girlfriend, sometimes sister but ultimately, his best friend!! They love each other dearly and the Dogger has saved us! We live in Big Sky, Montana and the winters are long and cold! When we first arrived I knew I HAD to figure out a solution so I could at least get them outside. The Dogger surpassed our expectations and the two of them sit comfortably side-by-side. Now, even when it is not winter I always take it since Otie is getting older and Emmy gets scared of other dogs. She feels so safe in it. It ultimately results in them actually getting more exercise. We called it our purchase of 2016! That is saying a lot!! We just love it!

Kristi Lawrence, Big Sky, Montana


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Giro (now 8 yrs) was the most athletic dog - she used to surf at Huntington Dog Beach, compete in agility training, sheep heard and frisbee catch. Then the glaucoma hit at age 3 and it was a battle to keep her eyesight until she was seven then she went completely blind and didn’t even want to go for walks. So we bought the Dogger and now we go on long walks again with her and it is wonderful.

Steve and Yvette Thiras, California


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Hi, I’m Peanut. I am around 10 years old. My mom doesn’t know for sure, because I was rescued. I was once roaming the street, but now, I get treated like a king, and I just got the “Cadillac” of strollers! My mom took me to Sedona, and everyone wanted to take my picture. I think they were jealous of my DOGGER! My mom says it pushes like a dream, and the cup holder accessory is helpful and practical. I like that the canopy comes up on both sides, and I can only have the side open that my mom and me want. The mesh is in all of the right places too - I have a view, no matter where I look! I am so happy that now I will get to go more places with my mom, because of my DOGGER! Thank you for making us very happy!

Peanut, Boulder City, Nevada

Abby, Anna & Coconut

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I love the Dogger. It is smooth as silk, and great quality! I’m sure we will have so much fun with it. The black dog (Anna) is 8 years old, and had knee surgery when she was young, which worked great. But her other kneecap luxates a lot, so I know she will be glad to get a ride in the Dogger from time to time. Though she will need her exercise as well. My two smallest are Dogger naturals, and I can tell they will really enjoy it. It’s nice to have something I can use for them all! Thanks for making such a nice, quality, and thoughtful product for dog owners who want to spoil their pets!

Kristin Shields, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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Here is a photo of Rosie (13 1/2 yrs) with her socks on. She hasn't been wearing them on her front paws until yesterday, but is getting used to them. They make a HUGE difference in her mobility around the house.

Sandy Coobac, Kewadin, Michigan

Smarty Jones

Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
I wanted to let you know we received the socks and they fit great. Even better, they work great! Smarty Jones (15 yrs) got used to them right away and was literally running through the house on the tile without one slip; it was as though he got his courage back and knew he was more stable and wouldn't slip. He had so much traction he wore himself out. Thanks for a great product!

Jonathan Golightly, Boca Raton Florida


No Tail Hole Dog Diapersclick to zoom
I am so SO happy I found this product! This company is making life changing products for pups in need! I have tried so many different products and doggy diapers for my frenchie, Roxy, and am so happy I finally found these! Roxy is only two years old and has a long life ahead of her so I will definitely be a returning customer here. Roxy had an accident that left her partially paralyzed from nerve damage to her lower back so she has some fecal and urine incontinence. I don't know how we would manage without these diapers! We take women's Poise/Always pads and line the inside of these washable wonders. It works perfectly because the sticky adhesive of the pads hold onto the fabric and we can change out the pads and keep reusing the diaper until its laundry day to wash the diaper. Remember to secure the Velcro before washing. AND I cannot rave more about the awesome customer service this company provides!! I accidentally ordered a wrong size and they shipped me a replacement at NO cost and just asked that I donate the incorrect one to a local rescue/shelter! So amazing! Roxy is a female Frenchie 20-23lbs and the XSmall waist measurements are accurate and fit my girl perfectly! The fabrics are so soft, breathable, and practical. Roxy wears them almost all day and night without any discomfort or restrictions in her normal activity. I cannot rave more about these amazing diapers and this wonderful company that makes them! Thank you!!

Michelle Guy, Kent, Washington

Luke, Lexi & Lucy

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We use the stroller a lot going to nursing homes, schools with the St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. We love it ... Perfect height for the residence to interact with the pups. It also keeps them out of danger, pills on the floor, wheel chairs rolling on a paw etc. In the photo Luke is the grey/cream 6 years old (no top knot), Lexi is the black and white female princess 6 years old (Luke and Lexi are brother and sister), Lucy is a real character and a 4 year old. Loves everyone if they will pay attention to her.

Gary Earl, Brampton, Ontario

Franky & Olive

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Thanks for making my dogs as comfortable as they can be as they age. Olive loves her diaper and the little straps allow it to be loose and comfy on her. Both Franky and Olive are loving their trips in the Dogger and feel safe leaning out and moving around in it as they search for treats. The side photo is of them asking for wild strawberries.

Susan Achenbach, Hanover, New Hampshire


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We now cannot live without the Dogger stroller. Ganba (11 yrs) can go out to eat with us (as long as we are outside), shopping together (he is a small dachshund and people can not see him when we go shopping but with the stroller, we can safely go shopping with him), and traveling easier with the stroller. The baseball picture was taken at a Durham Bulls game. We got the handicap seats so we can use the stroller. When we see unleashed dogs, we can zip up and confine him in case they might attack him. We travel with Ganba a lot. Ganba has to pose in the stroller because people want to take pictures of him and the stroller. He is becoming a model! I am very thankful to know you. Thank you so much for the great customer service and inventing this stroller. Ganba is very happy!!!

Ludmila Neaga-Burnett, West Linn, Oregon

Token & Frankie

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Token (9.5 yrs) old is the one that has walking problems - she loves her stroller. She does not want to leave it even when we get to the park. She loves sitting and watching everyone. Frankie (1 yrs) needs to walk a lot - otherwise he is not letting us too sleep at night - too much energy. He sat for 10 min max in the stroller buts wants to jump out and run on his own. But he worries about his sister and checks on her very often.

Kayoko Stewart, Cary, North Carolina


Dogger strollerclick to zoom
Here is Shelby (13 yrs) from South Florida enjoying her new ride! Just wanted to tell you how much we love our Dogger. This is truly the best design I have seen for our older fur kids. Thank you so much for an amazing product that will allow us to share more quality time with our seniors.

Sherry Wolkowsky, Port St. Lucie, Florida


Grippers non slip dog socksclick to zoom
My 17 year old baby Sasha with her gripper socks on. They are the best for my old dog who can't get her footing on her back legs with the laminate floors. They work great!!!

Nancy Martelli, Wellington, Florida


Grippers non slip dog socksclick to zoom
We received these cute little gripper socks today and my Baxter (16 yrs) amazed me - I thought he would pitch a fit but he let me put them on him. 3 1/2 hours later and he still has them on and is doing very well with them! Thank you for making this marvelous product available for our senior loved ones!

Phyllis Allison, Roswell, Georgia


Washable Dog Diapersclick to zoom
I received my order, and just wanted to let you know that they fit Mocha (16yrs) perfectly, and are so beautifully made! I am very impressed with both the diapers and the blanket pads, they are so soft and comfy.

Kim Deley, Edmonton, Alberta


Washable Wonders Male Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Your product has been a lifesaver. I think Moxie (5 yrs) can tell his family is less stressed without having to worry about his potential accidents and now I can give him free run of the whole house whether I'm at home or out of the house.

Bree Wiginton, Philadelphia, Mississippi


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
My 13 year old Didi pretty much stayed in her bed all day, I put these on and she is my shadow again! Thanks for a great product.

Carolyn Cece, Buffalo Grove, Illinois


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
I just wanted to write to thank you for making the ONLY traction socks that actually work. Your product has dramatically improved the quality of my Percival's life. He is 14-1/2 (will be 15 on June 6!), and other than severe arthritis, he is in perfect health! Without you, he would hardly be able to stand up in the house, much less run and play (which he can do thanks to you). PLEASE never stop making these. Also, thanks for the variety of sizes. Dog paws come in many sizes, and it makes no sense that other places only offer 3 or 4 options. I only adopt senior dogs, so your mission is one that is very dear to my heart. Thank you again!

Devon Owens, Galivants Ferry, South Carolina


Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
Domino is 2 yrs which is a miracle in itself. After his diagnosis of Syringohydromyelia, hydrocephalus and scoliosis at 14 weeks old the neurologist told me he probably wouldn't make it past 1 and that if he did he would never walk and would require lifelong medication. Not only is he walking (most of the time) he's completely drug-free and doing better than ever. He is definitely a testament to the power of love and the belief that one can do anything. He's my miracle baby. Once again, I appreciate all your help and assisting me on this journey.

Heather Mahoney, Simi Valley, California

Buster & Halo

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
I love this dog stroller for Halo (3 yrs) and Buster (9 yrs). I don't know what I would do without it! And talk about customer service!

Marybeth Fox, Redondo Beach, California


Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
Here is Morgan (4 yrs) sporting his new washable belly band! He's not been marking much lately, but seems to like the way this one fits him vs the disposables. So far, we are both liking this option MUCH better!

Heather Morrill, Axton, Virginia


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
I have a 11 1/2 year old female boxer (Casper). She is my heart and your boots give her the stability to stand and walk without sliding. Thank you for your product.

Nancy Vancas, Canutillo, Texas


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Molly (17 yrs) loves her new stroller and getting to go on long walks again! Thank you so much! It means so much to have my girl back out there with me and comfortable, too!

Cara Shaw, Franklin, Indiana


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Our cat Silvestri loves his Dogger and even sleeps in it during the day when it’s parked in the sun at the window.

Peter & Adrienne Alexandra Ihde, Dubai


Washable Wonders Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
I was using large diapers for dogs bought at a pet store. Zeus was able to "get out of the diaper”. I went searching the internet for a solution and along came Dog Quality! I received the XL male belly band for my 15 ½ year old, 90 lb stocky English black lab. He is having problems with incontinence and this allows him to roam the house freely. I found Dog Quality’s belly band to be very durable with a very smart design.The band is made from high quality material and very absorbent. And the band stays on!! I am very impressed. The band stays put no matter how he lays, walks or sits!! The customer service I received was over the top! They took care of answering my questions and helping me with a solution. I will be buying my dog needs from only Dog Quality! Thank you!

Tammy Peters, Manassas, Virginia


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
We received our order and are astonished by the incredible ease to assemble the Dogger and the incredible quality. It more than surpassed our expectations. And it fits our dog comfortably. Here are a few pictures of Charly (13 yrs) on our first stroll which was incredible, better than expected. Absolutely the best stroller on the market. I even met a few envious dog owners.

Isabel Pacheco, Toronto, Ontario

Dudley & Henry

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Thought you might enjoy this photo of my two dogs, Dudley the 16 year old Shih Tzu, and Henry my 12 year old JRT enjoying the Dogger. What a great product! Thanks.

Ken Howell, Baltimore, Maryland


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We're having an Indian Summer so I took Cosmo (8 yrs) to Valley Forge National Park the other day. He walked a little and rode a little, munching on carrots and string beans... "I'll have another carrot, please Mom" All I could think was, what a princely life. This picture was actually taken on the river trail in Philadelphia.

Madelyn Kawano, Narberth, Pennsylvania

Keesha & Lacy

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

Whoever first stated that a picture is worth a 1000 words, nailed it.Take a look at the pictures and my dogs will tell you just how much they loved this stroller. I purchased this stroller for our blind, diabetic schnoodle who would occasionally have unexpected painful seizures. We also had a yorkie who loved to walk so wanted to purchase something so our last days together, as a family, would be joyous memorable ones. THIS stroller did just that and with flying colours.

The main purpose in MY life is to look after my girls. This meant making sure they got plenty of exercise but in the safest way possible so when we discovered our schnoodle was diabetic and going blind, we wanted to be prepared to continue to give her the life she was used to. With a disabled dog, I had to be ready for anything and I was. This stroller helped give us the best, most memorable moments possible.

We live in the country on rugged, dirt roads. There's no sidewalks but there's lots of hiking trails and we went on them all. This stroller has been everywhere from snow covered roads to rocky field paths with no problems whatsoever.

The beverage holder was pure pleasure since it was right there. If the dogs were walking I could attach their leashes to the handlebar or put them in the pocket and fasten it.

The carrier in the bottom can hold so much stuff which was great also. The rain cover fit in there along with extra water, bug repellent, camera, medication and blankets. With those big huge 12 inch wheels this thing really moves.

We went everywhere and I know, without a doubt, that these were some of the best times we ever had together. I knew my girl was dying and I was determined to make sure she had the best life all the way until her very last day and she did. We went everywhere and did everything we possibly could.

This ride is sweet. I purchased the excellent orthopedist waterproof pad which was perfect. Dirty paws? Who cares! It's washable. What if it rains? Who cares! We had a rain cover. It could snow 2 feet and we still went out everyday. This works fabulous in the snow. With all the different places that open up with zippers, it was perfect for blocking the sun and /or wind from them. The netted windows prevented bugs from getting to them in the summer time but allowed ample fresh air flow.

I bought this stroller because I knew we were losing our girl and I HAD to make sure I did everything in my power to make her as comfortable as possible and THIS DOGGER was PURE JOY. One thing you can't do with this stroller is over inflate the tires and it's very easy to do so and pop them. There is a limit to how much air they will hold and for good reason so you need to follow that.

Ann Marie cares about dogs in ALL stages of their life but focused her attention on the senior /disabled stages and bless her loving heart for doing so.

I started out by saying a picture is worth a 1000 words. Is this not PURE JOY?? The only complaint I have about this stroller is all the attention it generates. Everyone wants to see it and know who is in it. Being an introvert this took some getting used to BUT I was willing to do anything for my girls so I sucked it up. LOL!

Thank you Ann Marie, from the bottom of my heart, for creating such wonderful products for our best friends in their time of need. There's no questioning your integrity. The dogger gave me exactly what I was looking for and then some. It exceeded my expectations and THAT, in itself, speaks volumes. Our precious schnoodle died the following year. I've never loved anything in my life more than that little dog but whenever I think of her, it warms my heart knowing I was the BEST DOGGY MOM EVER and she KNEW she was LOVED dearly. R.I.P. Keesha.

N. Westwood, Ontario

Harley & Sampson

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
For the record, I think The Dogger is an EXCELLENT product, nothing else out there compares. I’m delighted to have one… as are my two senior Cavaliers Harley (11 yrs) & Sampson (10 yrs).

Susan Fondren, Seattle, Washington

Moka & Kento

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We have been using the Dogger for about 3.5 years, and it has been great! We have two older pugs and they both love it. When we bought the Dogger, our pugs did not have a lot of mobility issues so we mainly used it for long walks/hiking, on crowded streets, at events, etc.. It is easy to use on the streets and rugged enough to do off-road trails. We have been to a lot of adventures with them and the Dogger. It is nice not to hesitate to go with them for some outings just because it could be a long walk and they might get tired, or there might be too many people and they might get stepped on! We can just bring the Dogger with us. It is also nice to go to cafes or restaurants where they have outside seating and pets are allowed. We can park the Dogger next to our table and they comfortably sit in the Dogger. We don't have to worry about their leashes getting tangled around our chairs or them picking up some food droppings or even cigarette butts! Now that one of our pugs has weak hind legs, we appreciate the Dogger even more! Recently, we broke our Dogger (not defective or anything at all, we backed into it with our SUV), and asked Dog Quality if they could help replace a part (luckily, it was just one part broken!), and they were very fast and very helpful. We really appreciate Dog Quality's support and we're really excited to use the Dogger again!

Daichi Nakazawa, Benicia, California


Grippers Dog Socksclick to zoom
Here's a picture of Sonny (12 yrs) wearing his new grippers - they fit perfectly - thank you for designing a bootie that will help him maneuver our tile & wood floors with ease.

Mary Jane Macphee, Truro, Nova Scotia


Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom
Your product has made a significant difference for our old guy Zeus (13 yrs) aka Zeus The Wonder Dog. He wears them most of the time he is awake. I have shared details of the socks with our vet who sent us looking for this type of product.

Pamela Horine, St. Charles, Illinois

Molly & Meggie

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Molly rides in front and Meggie is behind her. They are littermate sisters and turned 12 last April. Molly developed glaucoma so her left eye had to be removed in February but it hasn't slowed her down. Molly walks for a little while then she's happy to ride for the rest of our walk! Thank you so much for making a great quality product for our faithful companions!

Nancy Rice, Hutchinson, Kansas


No Tail Hole Dog Diapersclick to zoom
Here is Xena and she is 12 years old. Unfortunately she is having leaking problems whenever she lies down. I tried everything and nothing worked like these diapers. She now sleeps better and my house is cleaner. Just wanted to thank you. Wonderful product.

Susan Hanney, Caledon, Ontario

Potu & Ahu

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
These are our 2 boys Potu & you can see they love their dogger.

Ursula San Nicolas, Dededo, Guam


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
My lil potato bug Charlie refuses to get out of it and passed out in it Needless to say we love it!!!

Cindy Sarmiento, Burbank, California


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Raven (8 yrs) has weakness in her hind end which we are working on strengthening through exercise. Her Grippers will help on our tile floors and also help when she is in my training room. We tried them this afternoon and they gave her more freedom of movement and she didn't have to do all her exercises on her mat.

Tonji Stewart, Alexandra, Prince Edward Island


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
My 16 year old boy Tabi has been wearing Grippers since last winter and they have been a life saver. We've tried other company's socks, ToeGrips etc. but so far Grippers are most reliable and durable. Thank you so much for a great product!

Eriko Kanno-Neilsen, Duncan, British Columbia


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Here's Zeke (14 yrs) in his Dogger so you can see how relaxed he is in it. He took to it right away. He can walk for a while (he has a bad heart valve) and then is happy to get in the Dogger and accompany us on the rest of the walk. It's a great product and a conversation starter in the neighborhood.

Kathleen Wilson, Falls Church, Virginia


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Here's my injured dog Roxie (8yrs) in her new Dogger! As you can see, she's learning to love it as much as I do.

Tracie Lee, Atlanta, Georgia

Gabe & Chance

Male Dog Diapers - No Tail Holeclick to zoom
You can't imagine how thrilled I am that these incredible diapers also fit on animals other than dogs!! I have 2 Emotional Support (ESA) pygmy goats that I am training to bring comfort and joy to the lonely folks in nursing homes. I have spent TONS of money on every imaginable diaper, belly band, etc. sold online---with absolutely NO SUCCESS until now!! Goats bellies enlarge as they forage and if the diaper isn't long enough to actually cover the belly and attach closer to the shoulders, there is not a diaper on the market that won't fall off my little goats! Interesting enough is that goats CAN be taught to control their bladders, but NOT EVER their little "nanny pebbles," from their bowels. Obviously, I would not be able to take them anywhere unless I could insure the nursing homes that there would be NO accidents whatsoever! So, I stumbled across your ad and decided to try the ones with the holes for the tails. Didn't work so well w/the holes even when I put pads to cover the holes, but it was so much better than anything else I tried! Then I found that you carry the male no tail hole diapers which I ordered and they are working out even better than the tail hole design! And even after MANY washings they still look brand new!! Thank you!

Bren Love, Indian Mound Goat Ranch, Graham, Texas


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Dogger - uh - excuse me - CatWalk. LOL. Our Maine Coon, Harvey, was ever so upset after the coyotes got so bad in our neighborhood that we had to keep him inside. Dogger - uh - CatWalk to the rescue! Harvey LOVES to go for walks, and is one happy camper now that we can go out on the greenbelt and meet with all of his dog and people pals. I love it too, because now I have company on my walks! I would recommend this walker to everyone! The construction and shock system are amazing; the tires are real (not plastic); the room, the comfort, the rain hood, and the carry case and drink holder are the highest quality. Harvey thanks you from the bottom of his furry little heart.

Laura Wirtjes, Lone Tree, Colorado


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Here is Surprise showing off her Dogger to all her doggie friends! She is the talk of the Quay here in New Westminster, everyone knows her and Surprise certainly enjoys her dogger!

Lorraine L. Wright, Westminster, British Columbia


Washable Wonders No Tail Hole Male Diapersclick to zoom
I've bought Bruin the male dog diapers (no tail hole), the blanket pads, the washable pads, the dog diaper bag and even the belly wrap. Bruin has a somewhat "interesting" issue. He has a tiny waist and a long body. The xxs fit his waist but is actually too short for his length. The xs is great for his length but is a tad too big for his waist. I have found that if I use the belly band, that gives him a bit more girth and his diaper fits better. While this might seem like overkill, he leaks all the time and using the belly band, the pad and diaper all together. This allows him to be able to sleep in my bed without my having to worry about him leaking in the bed. The blankets allow him to being on the furniture and makes clean up a tad easier. I have gotten more xs diapers so that I don't have to hand wash the diapers every day. I do thank you for your product and am happy with them.

Dianne Thurber, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
Was just writing to let you know how much Tucker (9 year old Pom- Chi) and I love our new Dogger stroller! Previously, we could only walk around half of our block, with me carrying him home the other half because he was tired. I could tell he wanted to go further, so now we can! Hopefully, many new adventures await us now thanks to the Dogger! The picture was taken today on our all- time first 4 mile walk/ stroll around Lake Johnson in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks so much for making this possible!

Corinne Butler Baldyga


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Finally, Sunny is wearing his grippers! I have called them little zoomers though because he is zooming around the house in them. They really are the best so don't think twice if your seniors need some traction.

Maureen Mullally, Melbourne, Australia


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
My dog 15 yr old Spanky wearing his new Gripper socks! He can walk again without slipping. He loves them!

Kathy Montalvo‎, Orlando, Florida


click to zoom
Thank you! Lucy (12yrs) received her booties yesterday. She has them on and she is doing great. She's running all over the place this morning. Much more sure of herself.

Muriel Russo, Fallbrook, California


click to zoom
Here’s 10 year old Buster modeling his new wrap. We don’t quite know where we’d be without these wraps with his unsolvable leakage and urge-incontinence since he was 3! He’s otherwise robust and healthy, ripping through the woods like a greyhound. We think of his diaper as a “workout belt” :) Thank you!

Robin, Vermont


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Boomer (our senior dog) has worn the Grippers for about a week now and they are a life saver! Thank you! Previously, he wouldn’t even step foot in the kitchen or living room with wood floors. He would literally stand at the edge of the room refusing to move forward. The Grippers have increased his confidence so much that he’s now gallivanting around the entire house, and even chases our other dog on the tile sometimes.

Kimberly Mukobi, Camas, Washington

Sammy & Kimmie

Dogger strollerclick to zoom
Sammy and Kimmie just LOVE their Dogger stroller! Kimmie is 2 years old and Sammy is 10 years 8 months old. Sammy has several health issues, one of which is diabetes which has resulted in him being blind, but that doesn't stop us! The Dogger enables us to all go out on long walks together as a family and both Sammy and Kimmie can't get enough of it, they even like taking naps in it when we are home! I recommend this product for anyone looking for a high-end, quality stroller! Don't be fooled by imitations if it doesn't say Dogger it's not the real deal!!! We can't thank you enough Ann-Marie, we love our Dogger Stroller!!!

Angela & Loren Rosenthal, Fort Myers, Florida


Dogger strollerGrippers Dog Socksclick to zoom

Senior Dog parents be warned - there are dog socks available at pet stores for half the price of what Dog Quality sells theirs for. These cheaper socks are extremely dangerous for your senior Dog because they have the anti-slip only on one side so if they twist around on the Dogs feet, they are like ice skates and completely defeat the purpose of an anti-slip sock. I kept asking myself how someone could be so incompetent in designing a dog sock like this for a senior Dog?

Then like a blessing, I discovered Dog Quality! Dog Quality’s Grippers are the John Deere’s and Cadillac’s of dog socks! I can’t say enough about these serious rockin’ socks. You have provided us with quality of Dog life that Jersey deserves (see her picture with her stunning socks - she only needs them for her hind legs!) She romps around the hardwood with no trouble at all! The exceptional Velcro straps are added insurance that these socks stay on; however, you may not need them at all because the sock elastic is well made and it keeps the socks up. If you use the velcro straps, you have to be sure to not put them on too tight and hamper with the paw blood circulation. If I can make one suggestion, I would love to see funky sock colours! Jersey’s favourite colour is red! :) I would also suggest that you include better info (pictures, perhaps a short video) on sizing the sock; I myself found the current info to be a bit confusing. Fortunately, their Staff were so helpful in sizing up Jersey to a tee!

Little Jersey was also very incontinent and we had purchased Dog Quality’s dog diapers which have such incredible quality. Fortunately for us, with the help of our holistic pet vet and homeopathic medicines, we have the incontinence under control 100%; so, these diapers are just sitting in our closet (hopefully, we will never need them) for the time being. We also purchased the Washable Wonder’s sleeping pads which are terrific to keep Jersey’s cot super comfy and dry just in case she has an accident while she sleeps. Both the diapers and Washable Wonder sleeping pads wash so well made and super soft yet robust!

I have told my chiropractor (also works on animals; particularly senior ones), our vet and anyone else who I know who has a senior Dog about Dog Quality! :) For all of you who have tried Dog Quality and love their products, please do the Dog world a huge favour and tell your Dog practitioners (vets, chiropractors) about them. We owe our Dog family members as fulfilled a life as they deserve. We all know that Dog spelled backwards is God! :)

Muktha Tumkur, Mississauga, Ontario

Pork Chop

Dogger strollerclick to zoom
Here is a photo of our French Bulldog Pork Chop riding in his new Dogger. He really loves it.

Mike Driggers, Mckinney, Texas


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Here are a few pics of Sierra (12 yrs) in her lovely dog quality diapers. We just love them!!! They've saved me hours of washing floors and bedding!! Not to mention dog baths!! I received the non slip socks this week and although she wasn't too impressed with having them on they really work wonderfully on the hardwood floors! Wish I had ordered them months ago - better late than never. Thanks again for your wonderful products!!

Susan Thompson, Toronto, Ontario


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
Sophie (12 yrs) and her Family would like to say thank you so much to Dog Quality for sending these so quickly and having such patience while we all persevered to help Sophie accept wearing her socks! Now that she doesn't mind them at all she has so much more mobility than she has had in a long time! I absolutely recommend these socks to any fur baby with any kind of mobility issues.

Dave & Donna Grieve, Powell River, British Columbia


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We received the socks yesterday! This area that I took a picture of Cosmo (9 yrs) had always been afraid to enter!! He has 2 torn ACL's and this is HELPING him so much. I thank God for you and your company and helping our baby get around without fear or slipping!!

Maria Shepherd, Fort Myers, Florida


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Here are some pics of Shayla sporting her Gripper socks.She's having an allergic reaction on her paws this season to the high pollen count so these socks have been helpful in keeping her paws protected on our walks. Recently she was also diagnosed with a slight tear in her ACL, so they are very helpful by giving her the added traction she needs indoors on our hardwood floors. Thanks again!

Sandie Bero, Torrance, California


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I have just ordered my second doggy diaper after receiving the first one this week and seeing what a great product it is. I wanted to send you a photo of Tess in hers, and you see I have personalized it just for her smile emoticon I checked out the ones in our pet store and they are not nearly as soft or as pretty as yours! She seems quite happy wearing it. Tess is a mini Aussie shepherd and she is almost 15 years old. She still get mistaken for a puppy when we're out! Thanks again

Andrea Veenstra, Brockville, Ontario


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Thanks Dog Quality for great products! I'm really impressed with how easy it is to wash, put on, and how well it stays on!

Staci Larey, Fouke, Arkansas


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
The socks fit Sam (12 yrs) and he doesn't seem to mind them at all. He was able to go down the stairs without worrying about slipping. Surprisingly he didn't even try to take them off. I wanted to also thank you so much for the great service. I will be sure to share your details with family and friends.

Melva Gilbert, Victoria, Australia


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I wanted you to know that we are very happy with our doggie diapers for Buttercup. The products are beautiful and very nicely made, and you’re way of conducting business is very commendable, prompt and efficient. So thank you so much.

Michael Quinn, Bandon, Oregon


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
I wanted to share photos of Kismet modeling her new diaper. We are prepared for when she goes into her first heat cycle. As any puppy will do, Kismet was full of emotion once I tried them on her. I did use one snap to tighten up the fit and I adore the fact these are so very adjustable. Her size won't change much at all even as she matures, so I am confident this product will more than cover our needs. The photos are very telling of Airedale puppy personality. At first, she gave the stink eye, "I am NOT wearing this thing!" to an acceptance of "Oh, okay, it's not so bad after all, I think I look rather cute". Your product is one of the nicest in the industry, by far.

Debbie Carley, Sharon, Massachusetts


Washable Wonders Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom
With your wonderful product Wynken (15 yrs) can go into whichever room he wants just as he has always been able to in the past, not to mention our cuddle time on the bed or on the couch. Sure makes me happy!

Wanda Chernetski, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
The "Grippers" have made a great difference to Tayla's ability to get around on our timber floors and we are delighted with our purchase and with your service. We cannot thank you enough for all your help and we look forward to an on-going relationship with your company.

Annette Walsh, Melbourne, Australia


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom
It will be a Happy New Year for Max. The new socks fit perfectly and he can now walk on our floors and the deck with confidence. You have made and old dog and his old Mom and Dad very happy indeed. And, the word will be spread.

Carol Thomas, Clarksburg, Maryland


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I wish to thank you for creating something so wonderful. The socks have given my dog Pepper a new life. Earlier she was not able to get up since her legs would keep slipping and were losing strength. It took almost half an hour to make her stand up. She was very miserable. We were also wondering how long she could carry on like this. Now with the gripper socks she is up on her feet within seconds and she is able to move around a lot. Her confidence seems to have come back and she feels happy. And we are also relieved and happy.

Shashikala Ravi, Maharashtra, India

In Memory of Megan

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I just wanted to share a picture of my Megan in her most favourite place in the world - her dogger stroller. She absolutely adored her stroller for walks and to just sit out on the deck and watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. At 18 Megan suffered from severe arthritis following a super active life. Sadly Megan passed in October this year but she sure enjoyed her Dogger for her last two years.

Joanne Olmsted, Hamilton, Ontario


Washable Wonders Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Wow!! We have just received the new diapers for my 11 y.o. Boxer Athena and they are amazing!! The other diapers, in order to fit her waist, were way too big around the back part and consequently drooped down between her legs and rubbed the skin... but because of the snaps that can shorted up the distance across the back, these fit her perfectly!!! Thank you so much.

Barbara ODay, Elkhart, Indiana


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
I received my Dogger a few days ago and put it together in a snap all by myself! That PROVES it's crazy easy! The quality of the parts and wheels just makes me feel so satisfied with my purchase! Plus, it's so darn good-looking! But most importantly, I can now take my little furry guy out for his walks he so desperately wants and NEEDS! He LOVES it! Butterball (9 yrs) is comfy, happy, and secure. Thank you for making such an amazing product that benefits all of our furry friends who need a little help to get around.

Rebecca Carlsen, Bronx, New York


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom
This stroller is fantastic! It was a snap to assemble, easy to store and a very smooth ride. It is by far the sturdiest dog stroller on the market. The stroller is so handy for those long walks that I love to take around Vancouver, Fozzy still walks for a few kms but then gets tired and is happy to be taken for a ride. We certainly get a lot of attention when we go out and I rave about the stroller! Well done, we love all of your products!

Diana S., Kelowna, British Columbia


Washable Wonders Female Dog Diaperclick to zoom
Your company name says it all. Thank you for creating such an amazing product. We had some questions that we needed answered before purchasing the diapers and you were so quick to reply to all our concerns. We also were amazed at how quick we received the product. Charlie is 16 and is now blind and deaf. Charlie always would scratch at the door to go out but he's not able to do this anymore so we are trained to take him out on a regular basis. There have been some accidents as we have gotten busy and ended up with some pretty big messes to clean up. It has been such a life-saver to have these diapers when we go out and don't have to worry about coming home to an unhappy embarrassed dog and messy kennel or floor. We would highly recommend your product and thanks again for the incredible customer service.

Sue & Craig Revill, Kelowna, British Columbia

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