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At Dog Quality, our mission is to improve the quality of life for senior dogs around the world. We believe dogs have the right to age gracefully and with dignity, and to enjoy their lives to their final days, just like we do. Nothing makes us more proud than to see our products changing dogs’ lives for the better — but spreading the word about Dog Quality in the media comes pretty close. Stay up to date on the latest news and updates below.

Exploring B.C. with dog strollers

As we head into a summer of vacations and road trips one small community in the Interior of BC is rolling out a novel pilot project this long weekend giving people traveling with their pets access to free dog stroller rentals to explore the area.

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B.C. community rolls out dog stroller pilot project to entice tourists

This May long weekend the Cariboo community, located around 300 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, is offering visitors to its information centre the chance to borrow a dog stroller called a Dogger to explore and enjoy the area.

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What old dogs can teach us about aging

Filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming and Dog Quality CEO Ann-Marie Fleming discuss how they collaborated to make a short film.

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Wheelchairs for dogs and mistaken identity. Not the usual inspiration for a film, but somehow it worked

The connections simply became too hard to ignore: same name, soft hearts and even parents who weren't sure who was who. There's the Ann Marie Fleming who makes films in Vancouver and the Ann-Marie Fleming who makes wheelchairs for old dogs in B.C.'s Cariboo region.

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Mistaken identity leads to unlikely alliance, creation of short film

A case of mistaken identity has led to an unlikely alliance and the creation of Old Dog, a short film about aging, life and the similarities between man and dog.The story begins in 100 Mile House, where Ann-Marie Fleming, owner of Dog Quality, designs and sells products designed to improve and enhance an old dog’s life.

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B.C.-made dog wheelchair aims to keep old Rovers roving

Dog Quality is developing a special lightweight wheelchair to help dogs get around as their mobility declines with age. Dog Quality's prototype, which was developed with the help of a team of researchers at BCIT, is a lightweight, carbon-fibre apparatus that uses four wheels instead of two. Dogs using it can still walk, but with extra support.

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If wheelchairs are good for people, why not "man's best friend?"

Daybreak host from CBC Kamloops, Shelley Joyce talks with Dog Quality owner, Ann-Marie Fleming, about a prototype wheelchair she has created to assist senior dogs.

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New wheelchair for dogs aims to increase the length and quality of senior dogs’ lives

The 100 Mile Free Press found Ann-Marie testing a prototype for one of Dog Quality’s newest products, a dog version of a wheelchair. Helping to test it was Fleming’s own chihuahua/poodle/pomeranian-hybrid Bamboo a venerable rescue dog of 17 years of age. With the contraption, the little dog could scamper around like a dog half his age without the risk of falling and being unable to get up.

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Big Questions for Small Businesses during COVID-19

As small businesses across Canada continue to be impacted by unexpected challenges presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Ann-Marie Fleming, founder & CEO of Dog Quality, talked with Purolator about navigating these unprecedented times as a Canadian small business owner. In this interview, she shared how her experience and key learnings can inspire other small business owners during COVID-19.

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South Cariboo business wins national innovation contest

Earlier this year, Purolator held a contest that would change the life of one small business owner for the better. The lucky winner would receive $10,000 in cash and $5,000 in shipping credit, helping to turn the business’ dreams into reality. Dog Quality founder Ann-Marie Fleming won the prize for her innovative efforts to improve the quality of life for senior dogs — and it’s already making a difference for her company.

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Dog Quality Leads the Pack in Using Innovation to Turn their Small Business Dream into Reality

The results are in: Dog Quality wins the Spring 2019 Purolator Small Business Dream into Reality Contest! Through innovation, vision and compassion, Dog Quality outshone 3,000 other small businesses vying for the $15,000 prize. Founder Ann-Marie Fleming’s commitment to both improving senior dogs’ quality of life, and the “never-ending pursuit of quality and efficiency,” made Dog Quality the pick of the litter.

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B.C.-based Dog Quality and BCIT researchers bring joy to canines' final years

As your beloved pup gets older, it’s natural to be sad that your days together are numbered. But your dog’s final years don’t have to be a time of sadness and stress — they’re an opportunity to help your pup live out his days as comfortably as possible. That’s why Dog Quality and BCIT have partnered up: to create a wheelchair designed specifically for senior dogs to bring joy, happiness and mobility to your furry friend’s final years.

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Canine wheelchair making it possible for senior dogs to regain mobility

Even though we know it’s inevitable that our dogs will age, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch your dog get older and lose mobility. But it’s Dog Quality’s mission to make sure your dog enjoys her later years in comfort and style. Together with the BCIT MAKE+ team, Dog Quality has created a wheelchair to give your pup her freedom back.

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Innovative wheelchair keeps older dogs mobile and active

Dog Quality’s canine wheelchair, and partnership with BCIT, is making headlines across the country. It’s for good reason: the innovative design gives senior dogs the support they need to live a happy, healthy life. And who better to demonstrate the chair than Dog Quality’s own 14-year-old pug Lily?

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Doggy-Wheelchair designed for aging pups

Dog Quality founder Ann-Marie Fleming set out to create a dog wheelchair with aging dogs in mind — particularly Lily, her 14-year-old pug who was born with a malformed vertebra. Her mobility was always a challenge but now, in her senior years, Lily was having even more difficulty getting around. Until now.

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BCIT-designed dog wheelchair aims to improve senior dogs' quality of life

Every dog owner wants their pup to live as long as possible, and to be as comfortable in his later years as he can. Sadly, many senior dogs suffer a severely reduced quality of life as they age, due to issues with mobility or incontinence. Dog Quality and BCIT joined forces to change all that with an innovative new wheelchair designed specifically for senior dogs.

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Elderly pug pilots pooch wheelchair designed at BCIT in Burnaby

Lily and her wheelchair have been getting a lot of love lately. She recently showed off her new hardware for Burnaby Now, demonstrating how easily she can get around now that she has the support she needs.

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BCIT researchers help aging dogs regain mobility with dog wheelchair

There are many reasons a dog might need a wheelchair: osteoarthritis, hip injuries, paralysis, hip dysplasia, degenerative diseases and more. Most dog wheelchairs on the market cater to younger pups who still have strength and mobility in their front legs — but where does that leave senior dogs who have limited mobility all over? Dog Quality and BCIT have a solution: a first-of-its-kind dog wheelchair made to meet senior dogs’ unique needs.

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