Discover safety and independence with our Gentle Rise Pet Steps.

Built-in safety rails on both sides ensure your dog's secure journey and discourage premature jumps that can lead to injuries.

Available in a 3-step version for couches and a 4-step design for beds.

Safety never looked this good!

Gentle Rise Pet Steps

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Helping dogs access beds safely - Now with even more traction!

Gradual slope, safety rails and sturdy construction will help your senior dog continue to enjoy the comfort of your bed and avoid the risk of serious injuries.

Gentle Rise Bed Ramp

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Dog Quality's Mission

Dog Quality is committed to the development of innovative assistive products for senior dogs that help you find joy, comfort and happiness with your furry family members. Having an older dog as part of your family is a wonderful experience. Senior dogs are lovable and hilarious, but challenges like limited mobility and incontinence can get in the way of truly enjoying a dog's golden years. Our high-quality, specialized senior dog assistive products, such as dog strollers, orthopedic dog beds, dog diapers, dog stairs, ramps, traction socks and more, dramatically improve the quality of life for older dogs.

We're on a mission to deliver hope and happiness to senior dogs and the humans who love them.