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Grippers™ Non Slip Dog Socks

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Dog Quality

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Best Non Slip Dog Socks

Please Contact Us for Sizing Assistance to Ensure the Best Fit for Your Dog

Grippers™, a Dog Quality product; are non-slip dog socks which give your older dog the traction they need on slippery indoor surfaces such as tile or hardwood. An innovative design provides a grip around the entire paw so even if the socks twist, your dog will continue to have the traction they need. 4 socks per set.

The soft rubber coating creates a waterproof barrier so these dog socks can also be worn outdoors. No more having to take the traction socks on and off each time your dog goes outside. *Please note: Due to the rubber coating Grippers do not provide traction on snow or ice therefore we do not recommend using them in winter conditions.

Both weight and paw measurements are very important in determining the correct size. If your dog does not match the weight category for his paw size, please contact us for sizing assistance. When measuring width please have your dog standing (if possible) and measure flat across the top of the paw at the widest point - please do not measure down the sides. Alternatively, you can have your dog standing on a piece of paper and then mark both sides of the paw and measure the distance between these marks. If your dog is 60 lbs or more we recommend going up one size from where the width lines up with our sizing. 

It is difficult for dogs with arthritis and other mobility challenges to remain stable on tile and hardwood and can often fall very hard on these unforgiving floors, so Grippers are a great way to help stabilize them and keep them safely on their feet. More comfortable than dog shoes or dog boots and more protective than regular dog socks, Grippers represent a step forward in dog footwear. 

*Customers from the United Kingdom & Europe click here to order.

How do I know what size to get?

It's very important to measure the paw then check our sizes. For the length measure underneath from the toe pad to the last pad. For the width measure flat across the top of the paw at the widest part not including the sides. Alternatively, you can have your dog standing on a piece of paper and then mark both sides of the paw and measure the distance between these marks. If your dog is 60 lbs + we recommend going up one size from where the width matches on our sizing. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to recommend the best size.

Can they be worn outside?

Yes,the soft rubber coating creates a waterproof barrier so these dog socks can be worn outdoors. Many of our customers find them effective as paw protectors.

How long can my dog wear the socks?

Your dog can wear the socks for long periods of time, however we suggest testing him for a couple hours first and extending the intervals from there to ensure your dog is comfortable with his/her new footwear. We also strongly recommend taking them off at night.

Why does my dog walk funny when wearing them?

It will take a little bit of time for your dog to adjust to their new footwear but they will soon forget they are wearing socks. To help them along try using a treat and walking backwards to get them walking. The more they walk, the more comfortable they will feel.

Are these socks breathable?

Because the paw area of the socks are dipped in rubber they are not completely breathable, but since there is a layer of sock between the paw and the rubber, it makes a big difference compared to footwear that has no layer in between. The rest of the sock is very breathable.

What happens if they don’t fit?

Our goal is to get the best fit possible for your dog, that is why measuring is important. If the socks do not fit please let us know; we will likely ask you to send us a picture with your dog wearing the Grippers to assess fit and ask you to re-measure so we can recommend the best size. We would send out a new pair of Grippers if needed. Once you receive the Grippers and make sure they fit, we would have you donate the pair that didn’t fit to a dog rescue or your vet so another dog could benefit from them. Please keep in mind that the socks do need to fit snug and will stretch.

Can they be used in the snow?

Our socks were originally designed to provide traction on indoor flooring, but some customers have also found they have helped protect against snow clumps. However due to the rubber material, they do not provide any traction in snow or on ice and will not prevent your dog from slipping.

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Amy H.
United States

I ordered the wrong size

I ordered the wrong size and getting the right size was super easy. Love this company! The shoes are great too. They do slide around on her paw but since the whole thing is "rubberized" it doesn't matter when the sock is all crooked, they still provide traction. I leave them on her all day and take them off her at night. It took a while for her to get used to them, she hasn't been able to pull them off since we got her the right size. She's happy again, trotting around instead of just laying there. And I get to remove all the area rugs over my floors! Excellent product highly recommend. Can't hurt to try!

Kyrin L.

amazing socks for golden with hip dysplasia

He doesn’t like the socks but it’s enabled him to walk so much more easily and he now can run and jump like a healthy puppy. Thank you!

sherrie r.
United States

They did not stay on

They did not stay on for even a minute. They were useless


Dog Quality

Hi Sherrie - sorry to hear but if they are coming off that quickly then I can almost guarantee that it is a sizing issue. Please reach out and let us know your dog's breed, weight and paw width and we would be happy to resolve. Thanks Ann-Marie

Janice Mangino

What a relief!

These no slip socks for our Harley have been a God send! No longer do we watch tentatively as he walks thru the house, waiting for his legs to slip out from under him. Once he was down , it would take forever for him to try to get up. Now, he strolls thru the house once more, looking younger and owning it! Our lives and his life has changed for the better! Thank you so much for these Grippers!

Robert W.
United States

Luke is Stepping Out

These shoes really do the trick for Luke. Not sure how old he is as I adopted him, in 2014, but the vet at the time said he was probably 6 or 7. The only problem I am encountering, and has nothing to do with Dog Quality, is due to the walking on the street the shoes do wear fast, but they are worth the price, as Luke no longer has to sit until someone can help him up. He is not skidding on the floor, as a matter of fact when I get him in the back yard, which he loves, he is actually running around, and is difficult to catch to bring in. A Miracle in itself, as he has a bad case of arthritis in his hind legs... Thanks for Dog Quality, Luke is really moving!

Robert W. verified customer review of Grippers™ Non Slip Dog SocksRobert W. verified customer review of Grippers™ Non Slip Dog Socks

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