Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks

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Best Non Slip Dog Socks for Traction on Indoor Floors

Grip Around the Entire Paw!

Grippers™ are non-slip dog socks that give your senior dog the traction they need on slippery indoor surfaces such as tile, laminate, or hardwood. Our dog socks not only help give your dog the grip they need to prevent slips and falls, but they will restore your dog's confidence while navigating slippery floors. Sometimes something as simple as dog traction socks can be life-changing. An innovative design provides a grip around the entire paw so even if the socks twist, your dog will continue to have the traction they need. 4 socks per set.

Keep Your Senior Dog Safe and Sturdy on Hardwood, Tile and Laminate Floors

It is difficult for dogs with arthritis and other mobility challenges to remain stable on tile, laminate, and hardwood and they can often fall very hard on these unforgiving floors, so Grippers are a great way to help stabilize them and keep them safely on their feet. More comfortable and natural feeling than dog shoes or dog boots and more protective than regular dog socks, Grippers represent a step forward in dog footwear. 

Works for Small and Big Dogs

Both weight and paw measurements are very important in determining the correct size. If your dog does not match the weight category for his paw size, please contact us for sizing assistance. When measuring width please have your dog standing (if possible) and measure flat across the top of the paw at the widest point - please do not measure down the sides. Alternatively, you can have your dog standing on a piece of paper and then mark both sides of the paw and measure the distance between these marks. If your dog is 60 pounds or more we recommend going up one size from where the width lines up with our sizing. 

Provides a Natural Feeling for a Comfortable Fit 

The more natural the footwear feels the more your dog will accept wearing it. Grippers dog socks are thin and flexible enough so senior dogs can still feel the floor with their paws helping them to quickly accept wearing the socks and enabling them to walk normally in them very quickly. Our dog socks will soften and stretch to conform to your dog's paw, fitting better the more they are worn.

Outdoor Use

The soft rubber coating creates a waterproof barrier so these dog socks can also be worn outdoors. No more having to take dog socks on and off each time your dog goes outside. *Please note: Due to the rubber coating Grippers do not provide traction on snow or ice therefore we do not recommend using them in winter conditions.


Customer Reviews

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Kerri H. (Barboursville, US)
Great for mobility, protection, healing, topical meds

My dog has a neuromuscular disorder that affects his back legs, he rolls his toes over when he walks which causes him to get sore and swollen toes. Vet recommended dog socks and topical ointment, and these are great. They are helpful keeping his feet dry outside, preventing him from feet licking, and hold up so well even with multiple times in washer/dryer. Also love these when my dog's toes/feet need ointment applied, just put the socks on and medication stays put with no frantic licking. He's very touchy about his feet and took him about 2 days to adjust to wearing socks but now he pays no attention to them. These do seem to run small, so I'd recommend sizing up. My dog is 40ish pounds and wears XL, the L fits him too but is very, very snug and harder to pull over his toes. I don't use the velcro straps. Instead I wrap self sticking bandage (it has a rubbery texture) around his leg around where the elastic sock band will grip, helps to keep them in place when he's active. Most durable, well made dog sock I've used and now part of our everyday routine.


I haven’t tried these on my dog yet, but their quality seems excellent.


Don’t stay on.

S.H. (Vancouver, CA)
Best Dog Socks on the Market

I have tried so many non slip dog socks available and these are the only ones that actually work. They have awesome grip, I don't worry if the sock turns since the whole paw is covered in the grippy rubber and my dogs don't mind wearing them. The more you use these socks the better they fit since they soften up quite a bit. Love them and so glad to see they are back in stock!


Placed an order January 17 for a senior dog experiencing rapid arthritis progression and was told shipping was 4-7 days. I understand you have to fulfill orders too, but we did not receive this until February 24. At this point we went to our local pet stores and bought ruffwear shoes which are well worth the money. Shop local friends.