Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp

$349.95 USD

Dog Ramp for Beds - Safety Rail, Gradual Slope and Non-Slip Flooring Give Your Dog Easy Access to Your Bed 

Many senior dogs are physically unable to get up and down safely from your bed and most cannot use steps due to joint problems and vision loss. Our Gentle Rise™ Dog Bed Ramp provides a gradual slope, making it easy and safe for senior dogs to go up and down from your bed. Help your senior dog continue to enjoy the comfort of your bed and avoid the risk of serious injuries that can happen when dogs try to jump down.

The Gentle Rise Bed Ramp hugs your bed, minimizing the space it uses in your bedroom. The ramp's side rail, wide walking platform, and sturdy frame help your dog feel secure using the ramp. The side rail can be installed on either side.

The walkway of the dog ramp is covered in a new and improved non-slip TPE flooring for the best traction available today. With this improved traction we are confident that even dogs with severe mobility issues can use this life-changing dog ramp with ease. This advanced flooring provides maximum grip and cushion to help reduce the pressure on sore joints.

The dog ramp's frame is crafted with pine imported from New Zealand and the platform (under the non-slip flooring) is a finished plywood made from poplar, creating a lightweight, yet strong base. This ramp can easily handle 130+lbs in weight. The ramp measures 26" tall from the ground to the platform. This allows it to be safely used with beds a little higher and a little lower. The total width including the trim is 17" and the walkway, with the flooring (not including the trim) is 14". The ramp including the platform measures 74" in total length.

Big or small, your dog will love the ability to easily access one of their favorite places in your home - your bed.

*Assembly required

Customer Reviews

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Paul W. (Hernando, US)
Great Dog Ramp

I have a 120lb Great Pyrenees who for the first time in her life got up on the bed! She’s 8 and needs to get up on the bed for arthritis treatment. This is well made and simple to put together. Very strong! Worth the money.

R.T. (Seattle, US)
Nice Ramp

We bought one of these so that our German shepherd and corgi mix could get up on and down from the bed without jumping. Our GSD has issues with her front paws, and it's just bad for both dogs' backs to be jumping off the bed.
It took a little while to convince them to use the ramp, but once they figured it out, they were hooked. They both use it consistently now.
The ramp is sturdy and looks nice with our rustic furniture. I expect we'll get many years of use out of it.

Glenda H. (Omaha, US)
Dog ramp

This is the second ramp we have ordered from this company, We love them. They are easy to assemble and very sturdy. We purchased the first one when our bishon jumped off the bed and tore a ligament in his leg requiring surgery. The second was purchased for another bedroom to be used by a maltipoo. It took no time to train them to use it and the maltipoo thinks it’s a race track.

Paula K. (Lakeland, US)
Love, love, love! 💕

Our London, who hurt her hind leg, was struggling with not being able to get on the bed. It’s her happy place. The ramp has made all the difference. It took two days to train her to go up and down using treats. Now she comes and goes as she pleases. Thank you!

Jean (Georgetown, US)
Worth the wait & assembly effort

I pre-ordered the ramp and impatiently waited for it to arrive. I own a Dogger stroller and it is an exceptional product. The gentle rise ramp falls short of being exceptional but it is a very good product and well worth the price. I am not a handy person and the assembly process was very difficult for me - it took me two evenings to complete. I have 3 small dogs and 2 of the 3 instantly used the ramp without hesitation. The 3rd dog will go up the ramp but is very apprehensive about the trip down the ramp. The Dogger stroller would rate 5 of 5 stars and the ramp I’d rate as 4 stars.