Gentle Rise™ Dog Bed Ramp

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Help your Senior Dog Access your Bed Safely  

Many senior dogs are physically unable to get up and down safely from your bed and most cannot use steps due to joint problems and vision loss. Our Gentle Rise™ Dog Bed Ramp provides a gradual slope, making it easy and safe for senior dogs to go up and down from your bed. Help your senior dog continue to enjoy the comfort of your bed and avoid the risk of serious injuries that can happen when dogs try and jump down.

The Gentle Rise Bed Ramp hugs your bed, minimizing the amount of space it uses in your bedroom. The ramp's side rail, wide walking platform and sturdy frame help your dog feel secure using the ramp. The side rail can be installed on either side.

The walkway of the dog ramp is covered in non-slip rubber flooring made in the USA from recycled materials that provides maximum grip and cushion to help reduce the pressure on sore joints.

The dog ramp's frame is crafted with pine imported from Finland and the platform (under the rubber flooring) is a finished plywood made from poplar, creating a lightweight, yet strong base. This ramp can easily handle up 130+ lbs in weight. The ramp measures 26" tall from the ground to the platform. This allows it to be safely used with beds a little higher and a little lower. The total width including the trim is 17" and the walkway, with the rubber flooring (not including the trim) is 14". The ramp including the platform measures 74" in total length.

Big or small, your dog will love the ability to easily access one of their favorite places in your home - your bed.

*Assembly required

Customer Reviews

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Jane P.
Great ramp

This ramp is wonderful. I purchased this a couple of years ago for my two 90 lb collies. One took to it right away while the other was more cautious. It is well built and easily supports both dogs. It was easy to put together and I greatly appreciated the “how to” video in addition to the instructions.

The only issue I’ve had is the mat slips down occasionally. This would be easier to fix if my dogs weren’t trying to help.

I highly recommend this product.

Connie S.
As good as it looks

This was easy to assemble, but I recommend you place the mat outside where it can outagss for a few days before installing it. I’m very sensitive to smells, and dogs are even more so. After about 5 days the outgassing was gone from my nose perspective. The ramp has proven to be a wonderful asset for both my dog and cat.

Excellent product for older large dogs

My dog loves it.

Grace R.
Very happy

We have a chi weenie. I worried about her back going up and down the steps to our bed, never looked comfortable. She runs up and down her ramp without hesitation! I was concerned about the appearance of it but, it’s like a piece of furniture! Very happy we purchased this!

Kristen B.
Super easy for our dog

Our 13 year old senior boy loves having his independence back. He can now get on and off our bed whenever he chooses, and he doesn't have to wait for someone to help him up or down. We trained him with treats and used the phrase "use your ramp". After about 20 times/treats, he was able to do it on his own with confidence and pride! And the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is not true in this house!