Washable Wonders™ Dog Belly Band

$16.95 USD

Best Dog Belly Band on the Market

This washable dog belly band, designed for male dogs, wraps around the waist providing maximum protection from unwanted accidents caused by dog incontinence without compromising comfort. These reusable dog wraps have a super soft and highly absorbent microfiber lining, which holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid.

Each belly band has an outer shell made of a waterproof PUL material which will keep your carpets and furniture dry. So soft and comfortable for your dog and so effective for your peace of mind. These belly bands come in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium, and large dogs.

Find out why customers consider this to be the most effective and comfortable dog belly band on the market. 

Customer Reviews

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Jean (Cayce, US)
Belly bands

I gave my friend the belly bands U received. She will be ordering. I showed her the American ones and the ones from Dogquality.These are from years ago. Ones on the left are the quality and the ones on the right are the ones ifrom the US with crumpled black plastic in between the fabric You see the difference?

Anonymous (Cayce, US)
Belly bands and diapers

I recently bought belly bands for my friends dog. I bought belly bands and the diapers about ten years ago as I rescued senior dogs. And they still look good, after lots of washing. I have one senior left who is 15 now. They are made extremely well much better than the ones made in the USA which I bought until I found your company. I have 9 belly bands from way back when and 2 of the ones made in USA which have crumpled black plastic between the fabric. I kept them to show owners the difference in quality. The photo will be just of the bands as the diapers are put away.. the black ones on the right is the junk bands I know you can see the differnce

J. (West Columbia, US)
Female diapers & belly bands

These are great quality..Way back when about 12-15 years ago. I looked around for Diapers and bands .. I was disgusted here in the US as the diapers had black plastic between 2 pieces of cloth, so I was so happy to find this Company. As we rescued 4senior and one puppy mini poodles. I bought female diapers and belly bands .Now they are being used for the last of the 5 mini’s who is now 17 years.They still look brand new. So now I’m buying for my friends dog. These are from the past.

Ann M. (Seattle, US)
Great product

This belly band has made a huge difference in our daily lives. My pug Asher is 14 and is partially paralyzed in his hind legs and is incontinent. I use baby diapers but they will get bunched up and he would have leakage. The belly band holds the diaper in place so we don’t have leakage any longer. I wish I would have found these a lot sooner.

Bev W. (Manchester, GB)
Belly Band

Excellent quality. Great fit and very comfy for my old dog to wear. We’ve just bought 2 more so we always have a clean one while others are in the wash.