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Dogger™ Stroller (Pre-Order)

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Dog Quality

$269.95 USD 

Sold Out - Pre-Order Today ETA April 30th

Go Anywhere, Do Anything with Your Dogger

The Dogger™, a Dog Quality product, is unlike any other pet stroller on the market. We designed this stroller with senior dogs in mind which is why it is absolutely the most comfortable and sturdy ride for your dog available today.

The Dogger is equipped with real rear suspension allowing you to take any bumps, cracks or obstacles in your path with ease. The basket sits higher up than most strollers allowing your dog to have the best view available which they will LOVE!

The canopy can be used in multiple positions and panels can be removed. Never leave your dog at home again with this high quality stroller made in Canada with more heart than you have ever seen in a product before.

The roomy basket comes with a soft pad for added comfort and mesh windows for maximum visibility. 12" air-filled tires and rear shocks give you and your dog an incredibly smooth ride. And with a front wheel that can swivel, you get 360 degree maneuverability.

This dog stroller is also built to make it comfortable for dog parents with its adjustable handle bars and handy underneath storage.The Dogger comes with a useful rain cover.

*Drink holder, orthopedic pad and safety lights sold separately.

  For long term coverage, the Dogger's 2 year warranty on all frame related parts, represents the best product protection in the market today. 

There are many benefits to using a dog stroller from assisting older dogs or disabled dogs with mobility issues, to helping dogs that need a break from the heat,or a rest from a long walk. A dog stroller is also a terrific means for safely transporting your dog and for keeping them out of harm's way. Whatever your need may be, give your dog the very best - give them a Dogger.

  • 12" Air-filled tires
  • 2 Interior security leashes
  • Interior Size: 27"L x 13.5"W x 20"H
  • Folded: 38 1/2" L x 24" W x 18 1/2" H

What does the Dogger come with?

The Dogger includes a rain cover for those wet days and also has a pad for inside the basket. The drink holder, safety lights and a memory foam pad are sold separately.

Will it fit more than one dog?

The Dogger can hold up to 60 lbs - it would not fit a 60 lbs dog, but it can hold multiple smaller dogs. The smaller the dog, the more dogs that can fit. The interior basket measurements are 27”L x 13.5” W x 20”H.

What does your warranty cover?

The Dogger's 2 year warranty covers all frame related parts, but does not include the fabric or the tires. If you have any questions or concerns about your Dogger please reach out - we are happy to help.

What is your return policy?

You can return the Dogger within 30 days of receiving it as long as it is unused and in its original packaging. For your convenience we can arrange the return through our UPS account and then we would deduct that amount from your refund. Please know that we heavily subsidize shipping on all orders, but we cannot subsidize return shipping. Return shipping is typically between $75-$100 due to the size of the Dogger. Once we receive back your Dogger we will process your refund less the shipping costs. We do not charge any restocking fees.

What type of terrain can I use it on?

The Dogger is built rugged and thanks to its 12" air-filled tires and rear suspension, is great for all kinds of terrain such as forest paths, bike trails, roads, sidewalks, even the beach.

Where can I order replacement inner tubes?

You can order inner tubes through us, or you can bring your wheels into a bike shop. Since our inner tubes are a standard size, most bike shops carry them and can even put them in for you.

How much air do the tires need?

The easiest method for filling your tires is to use a simple bike pump rather than a gas station pump. Gas station pumps increase the risk of over-inflation which can damage your inner tubes. When adding air with the bike pump, please ensure that you add enough air so the tires feel firm but not rock hard - in other words you should still be able to squeeze the sides of the tire in with your fingers. If you are located in a hot climate, we recommend putting a little less air in since extreme heat can expand the inner tubes.

Can I adjust the shocks?

The shocks are highly adjustable and it's easy! To increase or decrease tension in the shocks you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench. The screw and nut are just above the shock. When tightening to increase tension in the shock, use the screwdriver to hold the screw and tighten the nut with the wrench. It will take several turns of the nut to feel the shock tighten. DO NOT USE the screwdriver to tighten as you will likely strip the screw. You must tighten using the wrench. To reduce tension in the shock, hold the nut in place with the wrench and loosen with the screwdriver - when loosening it is fine to use the screwdriver. Again, just a little adjusting at a time until you have it just the way you like it.

My front wheel wobbles, what can I do?

If you find that your front wheel is shaking or wobbling don't worry - all this requires is a very simple adjustment. First remove the black plastic wheel cover that sits above the front wheel held in place by four screws. Once removed, you will see a nut holding the front wheel in place. Then using a wrench, turn the nut a very small amount at a time until the wobble is gone. If the wheel becomes stiff that means you have tightened it too much and you will need to loosen the nut slightly until you have the maneuverability you need.

Can I jog with the Dogger?

Yes you can definitely go jogging with your Dogger, in fact that is where its name comes from Dog + Jogger = Dogger. To see a video demonstration of jogging with the Dogger click here.

How does the Dogger fold?

You can easily fold the Dogger by pulling up on the finger grips found on each side and pushing down to complete the fold. Once folded you can secure the folded Dogger with the latch found on the side of the frame. To watch a demonstration please click here.

How much weight can the Dogger hold?

The Dogger can hold up to 60 lbs. A dog that weighs 60 lbs would not fit in the basket so it is important to ensure that your dog would fit comfortably within its dimensions 27”L x 13.5”.

How do I release the buttons to raise and lower the front of the basket? They seem to be stuck.

Sometimes during shipping the buttons that allow you to raise or lower the front of the basket can get stuck. The easiest way to release them is to press each button with both your thumbs until they release. You may need to place your Dogger back into the folded position first and then press the buttons to release them. Once released you will not have this issue again.

How much does the Dogger weigh?

With all the wheels on the Dogger it weighs approximately 24 lbs. You can make lifting it into your car even easier by first removing the wheels which drops the weight down to roughly 17 lbs.

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Cecilia Noyes

The reviews are right

I love the Dogger. I purchased a different jogger type stroller via Amazon but returned it immediately due to a piece that broke while testing the stroller. That caused me to do a more in depth research into strollers and I found the Dogger way down on the list of similar type of strollers on Amazon. I read all the reviews and was convinced that the extra cost was worth it. I ended up calling Dog Quality and purchased directly through them which allowed me to select a different color and reduced the cost a bit. I also ordered the handbar storage attachment and the pad. I love that the stroller is made in Canada and it has worked very well for me and my dog. I let him walk on the leash for a while, more like a very slow stroll while he sniffs and pees, and then when he looks like he is ready I pop him in the stroller and off we go. Before I would have to leave him home if I wanted to go for a real walk but now he gets to come along and I have my buddy with me. Most people comment on how spoiled he is and then I feel obligated to tell them he is 14+ years old and the stroller is the only way we can get out for longer walks. The picture I included was from when we first started to use the stroller and Toby was more comfortable facing me. Now when we walk he faces forward, he can't hear or see very well but he seems to enjoy it.

Cecilia Noyes verified customer review of Dogger™ Stroller
Jamie Almeda

Why did I wait so long?

For anyone who is considering that they might need this for their loved one, I hope my testimony inspires you to not wait any longer. I have two 13 year old Shih Tzus, one of which has been slowing down due to her shorter legs and the way she walks without moving her knees, thus putting more strain on her hips. Although her joint supplements were a big help and she was walking much better, I purchased the stroller last May when it became available (as it was on back order for some time), but did not use it until it was too late and the bad (icy) winter in Toronto caused her to injure one of her hips. My thought was once she had her dogger, she would refuse to walk again as she would do whenever a friend was walking with us who she knew would carry her. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the dogger ready to go as carrying her for extended periods was putting pressure on her hip and I could not leave her home when walking her sister. My only regret is that I did not use it sooner. I can't say enough good things about the dogger. It has a great design for getting around town, with a nice smooth ride. It fits my two 14 pound Shih Tzus comfortably and they sleep like babies in it when they're tuckered out and sit up right to watch the world go by when they're not. The storage basket below is great when out shopping with lots of space... and not sure how they did it, but even on the wettest days, the basket doesn't get splashed (great design!). The drink holder is great with close by storage for treats, gloves, etc. I thought the rain cover was hooky, but it's not... it works great and is well designed for your rainy day walks or that unexpected shower. It folds up nicely to tuck away in the corner and is easy to fit in the tub for a quick was down with the shower hose for those messy days.... although it really doesn't splash much so just the wheels get dirty. I was also a bit concerned at how her sister, who is very timid around bikes etc., would handle walking along side the dogger, but she took to it right away and she likes being able to take a rest now and then or for me to have a longer walk while they both take a rest. If you're concerned about feeling funny pushing a dog around in a stroller, don't!!! You know they're like your children (only better as they don't talk back). And dog lovers understand and will smile... they're the same ones who'll baby talk to them. I did have one problem with the break tabs on the wheels breaking off from not noticing that the break was not released on one side, but their Customer Service Manager Ashley was great and sent out replacement wheels under warranty right away and they arrived in Toronto in less than a week. She also let me know a quick fix to solve the issue of the breaks not disengaging together from the middle. Their support is excellent and they stand by their product! If your situation sounds like mine and considering the dogger for your loved one, don't wait as don't have the same regret as me!

Jamie Almeda verified customer review of Dogger™ StrollerJamie Almeda verified customer review of Dogger™ StrollerJamie Almeda verified customer review of Dogger™ Stroller
Diana R.
United States

Shock about era are no joke!

This stroller is such great quality, I would put a human baby in it. Instead I stroll my fur baby. The pups love it. I was originally hoping to put both of my frenchies (25lbs each) in it but the size was a little to snug for them. It’s possible but I’m not sure they wouldn’t love it. That being said we enjoy seeing each pup ride in style and comfort. Our usual routine is to put one in and have one tied to the stroller. When one tires out, we switch them. This way we can go out for long distances. The holder on the bottom is great for all the essentials. Enough room to put water bottles, treats, blankets, purses, jackets! The cup holder is awesome as well. I usually place my wallet, phone and doggy bags in there. Now the shock absorbers and steering. This is why you pay good money. This stroller is easier to handle than a human stroller. Which makes going out on uneven terrain a simple and less stressful for you and your fur baby. Honestly with in the first week I was in love with this stroller. Last, super easy to assemble. Remember to read the single flyer which shows you how to lift the front of the basket. I was so upset when it would not go up then I saw that flyer and it was simple as step A,B and C. If you have any concerns reach out to the manufacturer. They are super helpful and friendly. 5 stars all the way! Thank Dogger!

Diana R. verified customer review of Dogger™ Stroller
Mindee C.
United States

Really well built item!

We are still trying to get used to it.

Frank S.
United States


We love this thing. It's met all our expectations. My dog knows it's in the garage and whenever I go out there he thinks hes going for a jog. I have bought in incorporated AA battery powered fan to blow on him in the hot summer months as well. I have one suggestion the carry cage at the bottom would be better mounted without the snaps. Not that I do put too much weight in it but at 1 point I did pop off one side. But love it

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