Why Apples Are a Great Addition to Your Dog's Diet

Why Apples Are a Great Addition to Your Dog's Diet

Why Apples Are a Great Addition to Your Dog's Diet

An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away! OK so that isn’t exactly true, however apples are wonderful healthy and nutritious treat for your dog. Full of fiber, essential nutrients and vitamins, apples make a great addition to your dog’s diet and are a healthier alternative to many dog treats.

The nutrition facts assuming one raw, unpeeled medium apple (approximately 100g): 52 Calories, 86% Water, 0.3g Protein, 13.8g Carbohydrates, 10.4g of Sugar, 2.4g of Fiber, 0.2g Fat.

Apples are brimming with a great deal of nutrients and vitamins necessary for maintain your dog’s overall health. High in fiber, full of vitamin C, potassium and rich in antioxidant plant compounds like quercetin, catechin and chlorogenic acid.

Vitamin C is a common antioxidant in fruits, also known as ascorbic acid, it helps with controlling infections, healing wounds, and neutralizing harmful free radicals.

Potassium is needed so the cells can function normally as it aids cells in absorbing nutrients as well as removing waste products.

Quercetin has anti-inflammatory effects, it helps control blood sugar, reduce swelling and fights cancer.

Catechin this natural antioxidant helps protect against cell damage and reduces the formation of free radicals.

Chlorogenic acid a phytochemical and a strong antioxidant which may inhibit cancer cell proliferation and decrease lipid oxidation.

Apples make a great low calorie high fiber treat for your dog helping satisfy your dog’s hunger without empty calories. Apples are also on the approved list of treats for dogs with kidney and liver disease making them a safe option for many senior dogs struggling with disease.

As with any treat, it is exactly that, a treat! A healthy rule to follow is treats shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily food.

Emily Charlton is a lifelong animal lover drawing on more than 12 years experience in a veterinary clinic.

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