Why We Focus on Helping Senior Dogs

Why We Focus on Helping Senior Dogs

Why We Focus on Helping Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs - Dog QualityRecently I was speaking with one of our customers, a huge supporter of our Dogger stroller, who expressed concern that by focusing on senior dogs we may be missing out on customers with younger dogs that could use our products. As I began to explain to her why we are so passionate about creating products for seniors, I thought that perhaps I should share our reasoning with all of you because you may be surprised to know that our focus on senior dogs means that all dogs benefit and here's why...

 As many of you know Dog Quality was started because of the challenges I faced with my own senior dogs and the frustration I experienced when I tried to find products that could help make their lives easier. I knew I could not be the only person looking for better solutions and turns out I was right. There are many of us who look to make life better for our seniors and having the right products can be life changing.

What you may not realize is that by focusing on the challenges we know senior dogs face, we are designing products that solve some of the most difficult problems you can think of and the results are not only products that help seniors, but products that help all dogs.

Dogger strollerFor example, with the Dogger stroller we wanted to create a ride that ensured dogs with arthritis and other joint or muscle pain could ride as comfortably as possible, so they could be in the Dogger for as long as they needed without any discomfort. This quest for maximum comfort led to our rear suspension, our 12" air-filled tires, a basket that is purposely shallow so dogs do not need to stand or strain to see out, a basket that can have the front lowered, a pad that doesn't slip, a canopy that ensures your dog can see you from any angle and the list goes on. By designing the Dogger to help seniors, we ended up with a dog stroller that far exceeds anything currently available and that is something all dogs can benefit from at any age.

Washable Wonders Dog DiapersAnother great example would be our dog diapers and pads. We designed them to help manage dog incontinence, from small leaks to full bladder release, so if they can protect against this, just think of how awesome they work for spay dribbles and heat cycles! 

Grippers non slip dog socksOur Grippers traction socks were designed to help senior dogs with mobility challenges gain stability on slippery indoor floors such as tile and hardwood. They also have many other uses such as helping dogs recovering from injury or surgery, protecting paws, curbing licking from allergies and more. By focusing on fit, comfort and traction to support the needs of seniors, all dogs can benefit from a superior product. 

With our newest product, the Gentle Rise Bed Ramp, we focused on creating a safe and easy way for senior dogs (big and small) to access beds.

Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp

We knew that existing ramps are either carpeted or have a sandpaper type surface, neither of which give enough traction, so we researched and found the perfect non-slip rubber flooring. We knew we needed a gentle slope (that's where the name came from) to make it possible for struggling seniors to walk up, so our ramp is very long to allow for a gradual incline. We knew that many seniors struggle from declining vision which makes using steps scary, so we added a guard rail and made sure the ramp was wide and sturdy so dogs are kept safe. The result is a ramp that makes you wonder how you ever did without it! And because we addressed all of these challenges, the quality and usability is something all dogs, young or old, can benefit from because jumping down from a bed at any age can cause serious injury and should be avoided. 

So in a nutshell, we focus on seniors because they are awesome, I adore them and they are the dogs that need the most help and because it leads to amazing products that raise the bar on quality, effectiveness and value that benefit all dogs young or old, big or small. The question is therefore not why do you focus on senior dogs, but rather why wouldn't you?



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