Washable Wonders™ Dog Belly Band

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Best Dog Belly Band on the Market

This washable dog belly band, designed for male dogs, wraps around the waist providing maximum protection from unwanted accidents caused from dog incontinence without compromising comfort. These reusable dog wraps have a super soft and extremely absorbent microfiber lining, which holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid.

Each belly band has an outer shell made of a waterproof PUL material which will keep your carpets and furniture dry. So soft and comfortable for your dog and so effective for your peace of mind. These belly bands come in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium and large dogs.

Find out why customers consider this to be the most effective and comfortable dog belly band on the market. 

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Where do I measure for size?

Our belly bands are based on waist sizes. Measure around the waist of your dog, which is approximately 2" in front of their rear legs, and match it up to our sizes. If your dog is at the end of a range we suggest going up to the next size.

How do I make the belly band smaller?

Each belly band can be made very small using the thin strip of Velcro, which you would fold up and attach to the larger section of Velcro on the same side. Once you have connected it you would then wrap the band around your dog and secure to the large Velcro on the other side of the band. To see a demonstration of this adjustment click here and go to the 4 minute 20 second mark.

Why is the elastic down the middle rather than along the sides?

Our belly bands use a unique design which has the elastic running down the middle to ensure that it hugs your dog's body. When you have the elastic along the sides it creates a pocket in the center where urine can pool and gaps can form, especially when your dog sits. This pocket and these gaps are where leaks can occur. Our design eliminates this issue and creates a super comfortable fit for your dog.

How do I wash them?

You can machine or hand wash our belly bands in cold or warm water, but avoid the dryer. The heat from a dryer can erode the waterproof coating, so it is best to hang dry them.

Can I add a washable pad?

Yes our washable pads are designed to work with both our dog diapers and our belly bands. Each belly band has a corresponding size in the pads. When using the pad please place the white microfleece side up towards your dog so it can wick moisture away and help to keep your dog drier.

How do I know if I should use a belly band versus a dog diaper?

If your dog only has urinary issues then we recommend the belly band. It gives the dog more freedom. If he has both bowel and urinary incontinence, the full diaper is the better option.

How can I avoid the belly band from sliding down on my dog?

If the belly band is sliding this could be because he needs the next size up which gives you more width, or it could be that you do not have the band tight enough. Please see the above instructions on how to make the band smaller to ensure a snug fit.

Are they waterproof?

Yes all of our belly bands and diapers are made with a waterproof PUL material - the same waterproofing technique used by the top cloth baby diapers. In addition, each belly band and diaper is lined with a soft and absorbent microfiber.

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Sheri A. (Ontonagon, US)
Great product, even better customer service!

Best customer service, that I will say! As far as the product, I do like it however, don’t 100% love the ‘hammock’ part in the belly band. Makes it difficult to keep the additional pad on while trying to maneuver the band onto your dog, especially when he’s not staying still. The hammock stretchy area extends out and back in, as the center has a elastic strip inside for lack of better description. Plus, the pads do not have Velcro to stay inside the band securely so I find sometimes if the band isn’t tight enough, it slips and hangs out occasionally, just FYI.

sharon g. (Walnut Creek, US)
Best belly band for for the little dude

No puddles, no piddles since using the Dog Quality belly band. It fits the Little Dude perfectly. Recommend using the pads as well since often changing out the pad is all that’s needed. Great design. Great product.

Anyaa M. (Sylva, US)
Great gift to the male doggies!

He is a leaker, not a pee-er so I take them on off and on, like when he wants to get up on the bed in the morning with me. Saves my furniture and linens.
Thanks for such a great product. At first, I ordered a handful and used them with the pads and the strap that attaches to his harness, but now he has specific places where he can be without the belly band and the pads.

Beth S. (Bangor, US)
Belly bands

These belly bands are fantastic! They fit our senior dog perfectly and catch accidents keeping our furniture clean. We use the pads too for extra security! Well made and soft material, they look cute too!

S.M. (Ames, US)
Loved these!

I had an old golden retriever that developed some incontinence issues the last couple of years of his life. He would mostly have accidents on the way to going outside in the morning and during the day. (We often had pee strewn across the floor for several feet and was quite a mess). These belly bands became a lifesaver for me and him. They worked really well for our situation, and I did not have any trouble with them sliding down or leaking. Generally, we weren't getting a ton of pee in them though, just a little bit until we made it outside where I could pull it off. Although sometimes the velcro could be a little hard to yank off quickly enough, I won't complain though because they stayed on well. The few times that we did completely pee in them I could see where some people might have some issues with it moving or leaking a little (in particular if they would have to sit awhile with it). It would just get pretty heavy and wet inside. He was 65 lbs and I think I ordered the large? I'm actually ordering a new one for my corgi who started marking after we moved (for until we can fix the behavior). I am curious how they will do with him as his body style and haircoat is much different. It's been much more challenging to keep disposable bands on him so far.