Washable Wonders™ Male Dog Diaper - No Tail Hole

$16.95 USD

No Tail Hole Male Washable Dog Diapers

Introducing our newest design to the Washable Wonders line up with this no tail hole version perfect for male dogs that have small tails such as French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, English Bulldogs, Corgis and more. No more leaking through the open tail hole with these amazing diapers.

Same great fabrics and waterproof protection as our tail hole version, but better suited for breeds that are tail-challenged. These dog diapers also have an extended waist and a wider base, like our original design, best suited for male dogs. 

Customer Reviews

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Katie M. (Brookville, US)
Great product!

Have been using these for my senior boxer for a couple of months now and they have for sure saved my carpets! They are easy to get on him, he doesn’t mind them at all so they must be comfortable, and they’ve held up well through multiple washes. Will definitely buy more as needed!

Irma P. (El Paso, US)
Best diapers ever!!!

This diapers work wonders!!! I love them!!

Judith W. (Idyllwild, US)
Absolutely fabulous diapers. Well made, comfortable, soft, wash well, best in the business!!

I can't say enough about these diapers. Our male boston terrier, Jax, is 13 1/2 years old and almost completely blind, and very hard of hearing. He couldn't make it outside every time. These diapers are beautifully made, soft and plush on the inside, and most importantly they fit his unique body and stayed on, whereas all other belly bands and diapers came right off. Thank you for making these! Excellent customer service, this company genuinely cares about their customers. Thank you so much for making these, and making it easier to take care of our wonderful Jax in his senior years. Shipping is very quick. Do not hesitate to purchase these.

Danya M.
Great cloth diapers

I got the XS for my little bully and they stay on quite well. I go through many diapers and it’s nice to have some cloth ones for a change

Jeremy T.
These Work Great!

We've purchased multiple times just to have some backups.