Dog Diaper & Belly Band Stretchable Straps

$9.95 USD

Easy-to-Use Straps for Diapers & Belly Bands

We are very excited about our stretchable straps to hold our dog diapers and belly bands in place. Preventing a dog diaper or belly band from sliding off, especially as a dog burrows, rolls, stretches, rubs etc., is the number one problem we hear from pet parents, especially overnight. While tightening the diaper and band can help, these straps, which connect to your dog's harness, make keeping them where they need to be super simple. Customer tested and approved! 

These simple yet highly effective straps secure to your dog's harness and connect to our diapers or belly bands, holding them in place even overnight.  And since they are made with a stretch Velcro these are very comfortable for your dog. Our straps were designed to work with our Washable Wonders diapers and belly bands, but can work with most diapers and bands on the market. These straps are much more effective than suspenders and since they work with your dog's harness, they are also more comfortable than using suspenders on your dog.

These straps work best with a harness that has a ring which sits flat on your dog's back and comes close to the center of their back as illustrated in the product photos. Not recommended for use with a collar.  *Harness not included* 

SIZING: The smaller strap is appropriate for smaller dogs < 30 lbs and the larger strap is suitable for dogs > 30 lbs however there are exceptions. Please feel free to reach out to us for a sizing recommendation if you are not sure. 

Customer Reviews

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Sandy G. (Boyne City, US)
Works great!

Works great.

JG (Lexington, US)
good idea

Very good idea! Probably something you could easily make diy…if you have the time. Should make a version that attaches to disposable dog diapers ya buy at the grocery or pet store. I haven’t found ANY that stay on my medium size, female dog.

m (Bismarck, US)
Extremely Helpful

The Washable Wonders dog diapers stayed on my senior dog much better than disposable diapers, but the diaper would manage to slip off if she would lay in blankets. However, this magic, little strap kept everything in place! It completely erased my stress and worry about accidents in the house, and I highly recommend getting one if you have a dog that seems to wiggle out of a diaper.

Jenny C. (Tucson, US)
Holy moly, a god-send

I was so frustrated trying to keep diapers from falling off! My pittie is a rear tripod and has to drag herself around. I searched around and found suspenders and overalls but they were all very expensive. These were recommended when I explained her situation to customer service. They are so easy to put on and so affordable. I ordered a roman harness off amazon as directed in the video tutorial, and combined with the amputee diapers, it has been amazing. No more cleaning up pee and poop from the floors!

Alison F. (Colorado Springs, US)
Belly Band straps

Thank you for making this product! It has saved my carpets and given me peace of mind. I recently adopted a 12-yr old Dachshund who was marking all over my floors. I bought belly bands hoping to prevent the peeing on the carpets, but he quickly figured out how to slip out of them. He would roll around on his back and I would watch the band slip down his legs and onto the floor! I don't know why belly bands aren't automatically sold with these straps!

Again, thanks for such a great product!