Washable Wonders™ Dog Diaper Pads

$19.95 USD

Washable Dog Pads for Diapers & Belly Bands

Washable dog diaper pads for added absorbency. Add extra protection to your Washable Wonders™ dog diapers and dog wraps.

Each pad is made with two layers of absorbent microfiber and one layer of microfleece (white side) which faces up towards your dog to help wick moisture away, keeping your dog drier. These reusable pads are great for those times where extra protection against dog incontinence is needed and for helping to keep your dog dry during prolonged use.

Provides a breathable alternative to disposable pads. Pad sizes correspond to the sizes of the Washable Wonders and come  in a bundle of 10. 

We recommend using the XS pads with the XXS diapers and XS belly bands. Size Small works best for both the XS & Small diapers. Medium pads for our Medium diapers & belly bands and Large pads for our Large diapers and belly bands.


How do I know if my dog needs to use a pad?

If there is heavy urination and you feel you would like some added protection then the pads are a great option. By using pads you can also save on the number of times you need to wash the dog diaper and/or belly band.

How do they work?

The pads are made with a soft and absorbent microfleece top layer and 2 microfiber layers which really absorb the moisture. It provides a breathable alternative to disposable pads. The white side should be placed up towards your dog, allowing it to wick moisture away, helping to keep your dog dry.

How do I know what size to get?

We recommend using the XS pads with the XXS diapers and XS belly bands. Size Small works best for both the XS & Small diapers. Medium pads for our Medium diapers & belly bands and Large pads for our Large diapers and belly bands.

How many pads can you use at once?

You can use as many diaper pads as you like, but do keep your dog's comfort in mind.

How do I wash them?

You can machine or hand wash the dog diaper pads in cold or warm water, but in order to extend the life of the pads we suggest air drying - either by laying them flat or hanging them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Robert G. (Lake Havasu City, US)
The best around.

This is my third purchase. I wish the snaps could be farther apart. Still the best.

Sherry G. (Ballinger, US)
Didn't Stay On

I tried the size suggested for the size of my dog, and they did not stay on. I tried to return them and they would not take them back, but instead wanted me to donate them to my vet. I live in a small town, and my vet is in another small town 30 miles away. Not happy I bought 2, and the pads, and just threw away my money.

Hi Sherry,

I am sorry to hear. I just reviewed your communication with our support team and they asked if you would donate them instead of having you go through the hassle of sending them back. As they explained, if you donated them you would still get your refund. Most customers prefer this option since it costs you nothing to donate, you still get your refund and at the same time the items go to helping another dog.

We are also here to help resolve any issues you are having with fit. If you could send us a photo we are often able to resolve issues with helpful suggestions on how to adjust the diapers in different ways and also to double check sizing.

Bre R. (Sydney, AU)
Didn't work

Had it on with an extra pad for approx. 3 minutes and urine was leaking and running down his inside legs. They did not hold the urine at all. Maybe for a small dog with a small bladder and a few occasional drips but not for a large dog with a large bladder and constant leakage. Very disappointed.

Hi Bre,

Sorry to hear but we are happy to try and help resolve. If you could send us a photo of your dog wearing their diaper with the pads we can take a look to see if we have any suggestions. Also just making sure you have the orange microfiber side facing the diaper and the white microfleece facing your dog's body.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Catherine (Bellingham, US)

Having the added extra protection for my boy is an absolute must. These pads are really the extra support needed against accidental leakage. Highly recommend them if needed for your furry family member.

Louise (Granada Hills, US)
Diapers, suspenders and pads

Our 17 (?) year old rescue, who has been with us for 16 years, is a 20 pound, skinny cocker. He has many medical issues, but he is clearly very very happy to be with the family, and he has a very good appetite. For some time, he has been incontent (both ways). I have been trying how to best deal with the unpredictable messes, especially since cleaning has taken a toll on my back. Diapers fell off of him in 5 minutes. Ordering the suspenders is a real game changer. I changed his collar to a soft halter which the suspenders attach to so the set up is not pulling on him. Also, because his rear is so skinny, I noticed gaps at the height of the tail hole. I have pinched the edge of the diapers and sewn them, making the diaper at the level of the tail a good two inches smaller. He came to us with a stump of a tail, and the hole for the tail was allowing stuff to come out of the diaper. So.... I take a soft micro soft cleaning rag, fold it, encase it in a layer of paper towel. Now, when he poops, I can remove the paper towel, and the diaper is not heavily soiled, making for an easier wash and clean up. Lastly, I place one of the pads up front to catch the urine. Luckily, during the day, I am home and as soon as he wakes up, I take him into the garden, so he can stay diaper free during the day. These adjustments plus my purchase of a Bissell Steam Mop, have made life much more livable for both our pup and our family. It is really tough having such an elderly doggie, but he seems so content. I am trusting that he will let us know when it is time to go. Until then, these products have been a life changing blessing. PS The diapers we had from his "sister" who died 3 years ago were a size small. I ordered the medium size for Wally, and they are really way too big, so it is back to the small ones. I hope this info helps another doggie "parent."