Washable Wonders™ Dog Blanket Pad

$34.95 USD

Waterproof Dog Incontinence Pad

Introducing the Washable Wonders Blanket Pad - the softness of a blanket combined with the protection of a waterproof pad. Each pad is made with 1 layer of microfiber and 1 layer of microfleece for absorbency, as well as a waterproof layer for maximum protection. Each pad also has convenient snaps that allow you to connect multiple pads together to cover a larger surface area. The only incontinence blanket that dogs WANT to lay on - no stiffness, no crinkle sounds, only softness and warmth!

Each pad measures: 35"L x 23"W and is available in pink and blue.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa E.
Really are waterproof

Blanket is soft and comfortable. It really is water proof. My new puppy likes to piddle on it unfortunately, so I keep it color side up and the urine just stays on top to be wiped off. Very impressed. Bought another one for my older dog who has incontinence issues.

Wendy B.
Dog blanket pad

Great. My human granddaughter loves it as a changing pad too!

Tierney O.
These are the perfect solution

Highly recommend these blankets. Using them for my aging dog who is on Lasix and becomes incontinent at while sleeping.

Bonnie S.

Have 10 of the pink pads. Katie loves them and I love them because they are easy to wash. Plus I am not spending a fortune over and over for the disposable pads.

Susan H.
Great reusable replacement for a bunch of pee pads on the floor.

We are pleased with the pee pad blanket. I wish the colours weren't so nursery but I suspect the waterproof fabric is probably made for that market. I'd love something more adult/neutral.
Someone else mentioned washing instructions but that question remained unanswered by the company when they responded to the review, so, I'll ask. I've been washing standard and hanging to dry, but can the blanket go into a low heat dryer?

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the feedback. As for washing you can machine wash in warm with regular detergent and hang dry. You could also use the dryer if on low heat since too much neat will erode the waterproof protection.

Thanks again