Washable Wonders™ Dog Blanket Incontinence Pad

$34.95 USD

Waterproof Dog Incontinence Pad

Introducing the Washable Wonders Blanket Pad - the softness of a blanket combined with the protection of a waterproof pad. Each pad is made with 1 layer of microfiber and 1 layer of microfleece for absorbency, as well as a waterproof layer for maximum protection. Each pad also has convenient snaps that allow you to connect multiple pads together to cover a larger surface area. The only incontinence blanket that dogs WANT to lay on - no stiffness, no crinkle sounds, only softness and warmth!

Each pad measures: 35"L x 23"W and is available in pink and blue.

Customer Reviews

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Leann W. (Seattle, US)
Washable Wonders

The Washable Wonders Blanket Pads are perfect! Just what I was looking for.

Cindy T.
Well made & helpful!

Recently adopted a dog who is in continent the ropes these blankets are great I put them over her dog bed. they seem to wash nicely

AMRK (Homewood, US)
Great product! Soft and works as promised!

This was a wonderful find for us. Our dog is 12 and sleeps so soundly that she drips a bit of urine when in her bed. It was so difficult washing the bedcover, airing the pad, replacing towels everyday. Now we don’t have to do all that work.
Sometimes we find a few drops beading up on the pad and can just dab it up. Sometimes we do need to wash the blanket. I can machine wash and partly tumble dry then hang to finish drying. So we bought a couple extra.
Expensive? Yes. Quality? Yes! Worth every penny? You bet!
Gives us peace of mind when we are not home. Our dog loves the soft blanket and stays on it. It has saved us from having to juggle extra beds, covers, towels, & pads.
We are very pleased with this investment. Our pup is not stinky all the time anymore!
Buy with confidence!

Margaret F. (Edmonton, CA)
Blanket Pads Better than Expected!

I wanted a couple of blanket pads to put on my bed to guard against my Maltese who is starting to "leak". I have used fleece blankets previously. I couldn't believe how my dog seemed to gravitate to these blanket pads. She happily sleeps on them and that gives me peace of mind.

Arlene M. (Surrey, CA)
Blanket Pad.

I bought this blanket pad for my foster dog who had her two hind legs amputated when she was hit by a car in Mexico. She also is incontinent. The diapers are helpful for that issue. However, one of her stumps still oozes at least half the time so the blanket is good to protect her dog bed. She has been to the vet and prescribed special cream and I have also used Polysporin, but still we have been unsuccessful in getting her left stump to heal. She loves life and is a very happy dog. The picture is Julia in her changing crib.