Washable Wonders™ Dog Diaper Pads

$19.95 USD

Washable Dog Pads for Diapers & Belly Bands

Washable dog diaper pads for added absorbency. Add extra protection to your Washable Wonders™ dog diapers and dog wraps.

Each pad is made with two layers of absorbent microfiber and one layer of microfleece (white side) which faces up towards your dog to help wick moisture away, keeping your dog drier. These reusable pads are great for those times when extra protection against dog incontinence is needed and for helping to keep your dog dry during prolonged use.

Provides a breathable alternative to disposable pads. Pad sizes correspond to the sizes of the Washable Wonders and come in a bundle of 10. 

We recommend using the XS pads with the XXS diapers and XS belly bands. Size Small works best for both the XS & Small diapers. Medium pads for our Medium diapers & belly bands and Large pads for our Large diapers and belly bands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Kelly (Lincoln, US)
work great

My dog sometimes has small accidents while sleeping. These pads work great in her diapers and have prevented any leaks. The smooth side against her skin keeps her comfortable. They really seem to wick moisture away from her, too. They stay in place with no problems for my dog. I use them with diapers from other brands. She doesn’t seem to need them with Dog Quality diapers.

Sheri A. (Ontonagon, US)
Great quality, Fantastic customer service

Best customer service, hands down. This product is great quality for sure, very nice material. Only issue for me, is that the pads don’t have Velcro on its backside which would make it easier to balance on the ‘hammock’ like belly band when attempting to wrap onto your dog. Other than that, very satisfied. Thank you!

Jayme N. (Hawthorne, US)

The pads are high quality and wash well. Using pads keeps the wunderpants clean longer between washes.

A.M. (Sylva, US)
these keep my guy dry

These pads do a great job of wicking moisture away from my dog. I layer them 2 in a belly band, white side up of course. Good product.

Karen P. (Dripping Springs, US)

I think the pads WOULD work just fine but i can't get them to stay in place. The diaper itself stays on well during the night thanks to all that velcro, but it hangs down underneath her (kind of like a hammock) and the pads just fall out the leg openings (there is no way to secure them). I did use the snaps to try to snug up the leg openings, but it wasn't enough. So, i use peel and stick maxi pads, which do work. I attach them right next to the tail hole. The diapers are cute and well-constructed otherwise.