Washable Wonders™ Supersize Dog Blanket Pad

$99.95 USD

Waterproof Dog Incontinence Blankets 

These incredibly effective incontinence blankets combine the softness of a warm, plush blanket with the waterproof protection and absorption of a diaper. Each blanket is washable and is made with one layer of soft microfleece that wicks moisture away, one layer of microfiber for superior absorption and a waterproof outer layer for maximum protection. The only incontinence blanket that dogs WANT to lay on - no stiffness, no crinkle sounds, only softness and warmth!

We are still offering our original Blanket Pads, but if you are looking to cover much bigger areas such as couches, beds etc. then these larger versions are perfect. Please note that these super sized Blanket Pads do not have the snaps found on our original Blanket Pads.

Available in Twin (75"L x 39"W) Double (75"L x 54"W) and Queen (80"L x 58.5"W) sizes in either Pink or Light Blue.

*Price varies depending on size.*

Customer Reviews

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Kathy C.
Supersize Dog Blanket Pad

I love the size and works well with our situation. We have 2 Welsh Corgis and one has an occasional accident while he is sleeping. I had 2 smaller Washable Wonders pads for our little rescue girl, but we needed something different for our "bonded pair". I have 4 large doggie pillows with two pillows pushed together so they can be side by side, so I needed something large enough to cover both pillows. This is a perfect fit, and they take care of any accidents, and they love to snuggle in the softness--THANK YOU! Even though they are a little expensive, it's worth it to me to not be constantly trying to wash the dog pillows and replace the filling.

Elizabeth O.
Good blanket, more detail needed

This is a good quality blanket. It's soft and my dog likes it so far. We haven't had to use it for its intended purpose, but have it on the bed/couch just in case. I'm hopeful that it'll do its job when needed because I know with my senior dog, that day is approaching. My only issue is the sizing. I'd emailed to get an idea of the various sizes, because I wanted a blanket that was big enough but didn't take up the whole bed. When I asked for the dimensions, I was told "standard dimensions," with no additional measurements provided. That was incredibly vague, but I looked up standard dimensions for each various blanket size - twin, double, queen, etc. And measuring a twin blanket we had at the house, I went with a twin size, since that seemed to fit the bill. It is NOT standard. If you're looking for sizing, the dimensions are essentially what would cover the top of a twin/double/queen bed. There is no "extra" for tucking in that you would get with a normal blanket. This is mostly fine, although I would have liked it a wee bit bigger. That said, it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to send it back and get a new size, especially during these weird times.

Also, there were no instructions on how to wash, so I've just kind of had to wing it. It's been fine, but providing washing instructions would have been helpful.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I have just added the measurements to the product page as suggested.

Thanks again.

Nancy S.
Great blanket!

A little expensive but large, soft, and waterproof. Covers a full size bed if you have a dog like mine that occasionally has an accident on the bed. Holds up well to washing. Has stayed soft. Have purchased other waterproof blankets from other companies that have become cracked and brittle over time resulting in leakage. Not this one. .

Charlene W.

Excellent but would like to be able to put in dryer

This Blanket is such a treat to have.

Our 16 yr. old girl, Shadow, (a Labrador Retriever) is loving it. Not only is it quite large, even for her, but she loves the feel and likely the smell too (the products always have a pleasant smell when they are new/clean). She has become familiar with both the smell and texture from the use of her daily diapering that has become necessary to help enjoy her enjoy her 'golden years'. Even if she is not diapered and she has some leakage, a quick trip through the wash puts the blanket back in use straight away. All is well now. The only issue we seem to have now is how to keep the other 2 dogs from wanting to take it over. Luckily, it is large enough for the King Shephard and the Golden Retriever to share it with her. Lol Thanks again. Be well, stay safe.