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Halloween is not a good night for Older Dogsby Ann-Marie Fleming

27 October, 2008

Halloween is a great time for children and their parents, dressing up and collecting all those sweets, but it can be a terrifying night for your senior dog. As dogs get older they may become a little less sure of themselves, a little more anxious and a lot less tolerant of the excitement that comes with Halloween. Here are some tips to ensure safety and reduce stress.

  • Place your dog in a quiet and safe part of the house, preferably out of sound of the doorbell. People ringing the door or knocking on the will cause your dog to get agitated and could induce different behaviour which may cause you concern, specially with small children.
  • Another suggestion I heard is play soft music to drown out the noise. Another no-no is keep chocolate out of reach of your dog as this could prove fatal. If you suspect your pet has consumed chocolate call your Vet giving his/her weight and approximate amount consumed.
  • Decorations are another concern; dogs could chew on streamers, and synthetic spider web which could cause stomach blockages.
  • Don't dress up your dog for the night as these can restrict movement, sight hearing or impede breathing.
  • Finally make sure your pet has proper identification, accidents will happen and if your dog escapes and gets lost check with your animal control and your local Humane society.
A rule of thumb I go by is to know your dog. Some dogs love the attention that Halloween brings but others would prefer to find a quiet and safe place to wait out the night. Do what is best for your dog and you will have an enjoyable night.

Have you ever thought about cloning your dog?by Ann-Marie Fleming

21 October, 2008

As our dogs get older you can't help but worry about how much time is left and if you are like me you start to overthink each sound or change your dog goes through. Eventually you have to put all your worrying aside and just embrace each day and know that love, happiness, some cool products to help them get around and a good diet can combat many of the challenges of aging. But what about the notion of cloning? Have you ever thought about having your dog's DNA preserved to one day go through a cloning process?

Well this is a topic that is getting discussed more and more these days and one that is no longer just a plot in a sci-fi movie. Cloning is quickly becoming a reality as companies like BioArts International make this service possible. The price is around $150,000 and unlike movies such as the 6th Day, cloning does not produce an exact replica of your beloved four-legged friend.

As I discussed in an earlier blog on cloning I am unsettled yet curious about the process. I am torn because of a personal experience I am going through with the loss of my best friend Churchill, my 12 year old Frenchie and so this concept, this possibility, is intriguing to me, but at the same time super weird. If cloning was covered by pet insurance or was under $5000 would people be flocking to these companies? Is it the price tag or the act of cloning itself that has created so much mixed emotion on the subject? 

Taking the Jeep Dog Jogger to the Extremeby Ann-Marie Fleming

15 September, 2008

Watch as I take the Jeep Rubicon dog jogger across a variety of rough terrains to show its versatility. Mackenzie, my 12 year old senior Pug, comes along for the ride as we walk this durable dog jogger across a forest path, a gravel road, foot long grass and a rocky terrain. For those dog owners looking to bring their senior dog along for many adventures, this dog jogger can handle almost anything. 

UPDATE: This dog stroller has been discontinued

Taking the Jeep Rubicon Dog Jogger to the Streetby Ann-Marie Fleming

07 September, 2008

For those dog owners looking for a durable and easy to handle dog jogger then the Jeep Rubicon jogger is for you. With its air filled tires, spacious interior, loads of storage and canopy with mesh for added protection you will be able to walk or run with your dog on a variety of terrains. While not the the best choice for maneuvering around crowds, this is definitely a solid pick for those that enjoy the great outdoors. 

UPDATE: This dog stroller has been discontinued

Customer testimonials make it all worth Ann-Marie Fleming

02 September, 2008

We have been getting such great feedback from our customers that I wanted to start sharing them. Getting positive feedback not only makes us feel like we are really making a difference in the lives of older dogs, disabled dogs and small dogs, but we have come to see the joy we are bringing to dog owners who get to see the happy reactions from their dogs. 

To read what our amazing customers are saying about the difference our products are making in the lives of their dogs click here

Wellness brand soft dog food - Stinky Good!by Ann-Marie Fleming

07 July, 2008

Watch as I give a brief review of the Wellness brand of soft dog food - white fish and sweet potatoe. This food is one of the stinkiest foods I have ever come across, but it suits my picky 12 year old French Bulldog just fine. It also is a great help for his dry skin. And yes I even taste it - ok I wouldn't recommend eating it, but as long as it has healthy ingredients and is helping my boy to eat and stay strong despite the health challenges he is facing, then I am a fan of this stinky food. 

Introducing DogQuality.comby Ann-Marie Fleming

07 June, 2008

A short video explaining the inspiration behind a business focused on helping older dogs enjoy life.

We'd love to hear what you think so leave us a comment. :)

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