Dog Wheelchairs - A Life Changer for your Older Dog

Dog Wheelchairs - A Life Changer for your Older Dog

As our dogs get older they face many health issues, injuries and disabilities, but that doesn't mean their life cannot be filled with happiness and adventure. They deserve a second chance to enjoy life, and giving them the gift of mobility can be a significant life changer for you and your dog. 

Theses dog wheelchairs can be used for dogs that are suffering from arthritis, disc problems, paralysis and are also excellent for helping dogs recover from back, leg or knee surgery.
Dog wheelchairIf your dog still has the use of his or her rear legs, the cart will help to keep them moving while providing support and comfort. If your dog does not have the use of his or her rear legs, you can use the cart's leg slings to keep the rear legs off the ground, while keeping your dog stable and balanced.

For dogs using a dog cart for recovery, these dog wheelchairs stabilize the pelvic area keeping the spine and limbs in proper alignment, helping to promote proper healing.

As discussed in the video, if your dog is having mobility problems I encourage you to at least explore the option of a dog wheelchair because it can have an amazing effect on your dog's spirit and on their health. I have watched dogs use these carts to chase sticks on land and in the water having the time of their isn't it worth exploring?

If you have a dog wheelchair experience that you would like to share please let us know. Thanks for listening.