Dog Pad Video Review - Washable or Disposable? by Ann-Marie Fleming

10 August, 2009

We have had dog diapers on the brain lately, but there are other options for dog owners and their older dogs who are facing problems with incontinence or issues with bowel control - Dog Pads. In this video we take a look at two types of dog pads; disposable dog pads and washable dog pads, both of which can offer valuable protection and relief for you and your senior dog. What I like about using dog pads is that rather than covering the dog as is the case with dog diapers, dog pads can be used where accidents occur most often.

For some older dogs, accidents occur most often in a bed, and with others it may be by the door or on the floor. For example we use dog pads for Sheba, my mother's yorkie-poo who is 14 years young. Sheba has most of her accidents while laying in bed (human and dog) so we use a pad for times when she is sleeping and they work wonders. Not only does it make life easier for my parents, but Sheba feels much better knowing she didn't make a mess of things.

Our dogs can get as embarrassed about losing control of their bladder and bowels as humans do, so we need to be respectful of their dignity to help maintain their spirits. For some senior dog owners the disposable pad will make more sense since you can throw them out and not have to deal with the mess, but for other dog owners, who like the idea of not having to replenish supplies, then the washable pads make the most sense since you can reuse them after a simple wash. Whichever type of dog pad works for you it is great to have another option to help you and your older dog manage the challenges that come with a dog's golden years. 

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