7 Dog-Friendly Places in Aberdeen, Scotland to Take Your Dogger Buggy

7 Dog-Friendly Places in Aberdeen, Scotland to Take Your Dogger Buggy

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to take our dogs with us wherever we go. Fortunately, Aberdeen is an incredibly dog-friendly city and there’s always somewhere to take your furry friend. As our dogs get older, though, they start to slow down and might not be able to handle big days out on the town. That’s why Dog Quality created the Dogger Buggy: a stroller for your pup so you never have to leave home with her.

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The Dogger dog stroller was designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It gives your pup the support she needs so she can tag along on every adventure. But even with a stroller, your dog won’t be allowed to go everywhere. Until the world decides to go completely dog friendly, here are seven places to take your dog in Aberdeen.

  1. Grab a Bite and Brew at BrewDog

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The name of the UK’s favourite brewery isn’t just for show — your pup is more than welcome to join you for a beer at BrewDog. In fact, your doggo be greeted with a smile, a bowl of water and a tasty treat. For those interested, BrewDog also allows you to host birthday parties for your pooch, complete with dog friendly cake, party hats and a special dog beer. Now that’s a party we’d love to attend!

  1. Purity Paws Pooch Park


Anyone who has a senior dog knows how much their pup’s mobility and energy levels slow down as they reach their later years. But just because your dog isn’t as active as he once was doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still get some exercise. Purity Paws Pooch Park is an enclosed dog park where pups of all ages can run, play and hang out. We know your senior dog won’t be tackling the agility course, but it’s a safe place to give your pooch some room to roam at his own pace. When he gets tired, all you have to do is put him back in his Dogger buggy and continue on your way.

  1. Unwind with a Coffee at Books and Beans

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Grab your favourite caffeinated beverage, find a new book to read and spend a relaxing afternoon indoors with your pup. Books and Beans is the perfect place to take your pup in Aberdeen when you want some downtime. The coffee is good, the wifi is strong and the books are just waiting to be read. Whether you need a dog-friendly place to work or relax, Books and Beans has you covered.

  1. Have Brunch at The Long Dog Cafe

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For an easy Sunday morning with your doggo, look no further than Aberdeen’s cutest dog-friendly lunch spot, The Long Dog Cafe. All dogs are welcome, as long as they’re accompanied by a well-behaved human. Breakfast is served until noon so you and your pup can take your time strolling over with your Dogger dog stroller. Can’t make it by noon? No problem. The Long Dog Cafe also serves lunch and there are gluten free and vegan options. And word on the street is your furry friend can enjoy a special treat — just ask at the till!

  1. Stroll the Gardens at Duthie Park


Senior pups love to get outside just as much as they always have. They might not be able to walk beside you, but you can still take your pup for a stroll in all her favourite places in her dog stroller. One of the best places to walk your dog in Aberdeen is Duthie Park. The park has  a bandstand, fountains, ponds and statues, so there’s always something to see. It’s also home to the largest cacti collection in Britain. Walk until your heart’s content and then head to the cafe in Winter Gardens for a refreshment. Duthie Park has everything you need for a leisurely day out with your dog.

  1. Treat Yourself (and Your Pup) to Ice Cream at Aunty Betty’s


Who doesn’t love ice cream on a sunny afternoon? Our favourite spot for a cone in Aberdeen is Aunty Betty’s. The best part is your doggo can enjoy a few scoops of his favourite flavours, too! Aunty Betty’s is a local fave though, so you might find yourself waiting in line but trust us, it’s totally worth it. Fortunately, your pup can sit comfortably in his stroller as you wait. And once he’s got a new back of treats and a cone to enjoy, he’ll be perfectly content.

  1. Explore Cairngorms National Park


There are few places as beautiful as Cairngorms National Park, and luckily, a large portion of the park is right in Aberdeenshire. Calm lochs, beautiful mountains, ancient castles and historic sites — there’s a little bit of everything here for you and your pup to explore. So load up your dog stroller, pack a lunch and take your four-legged friend on an adventure. We can guarantee you’ll never be bored at Cairngorms.

There you have it: the best places to take your dog in Aberdeen. Ready to hit the ground running? Shop our Dogger stroller so you can start enjoying all the fun, dog-friendly things to do in Aberdeen today.

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