Happy Mini Tails March by Dog Quality

22 March, 2015

This month saw some very special Happy Tails from the young to the more mature. You can just feel the joy coming from these wonderful dogs. Meet Josh, the miracle dog, as well as Jak and Kismet putting their Washable Wonders to great use. See the difference our Grippers socks are making for Abby and Ceilidh, as well as the adventures that Chevy and our dynamic duos, Danny & Chloe, Taz & Jackson and Heidi & Archie are enjoying with their Dogger.


Washable Wonders Belly Bandsclick to zoom

Josh was found in a dumpster with a broken back caused by blunt force trauma, but thanks to the amazing work of Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue and Bialy's Wellness Foundation he is getting the love and care he deserves and as you can see, he's incredibly happy. Josh is doing very well with his rehab and we are overjoyed knowing our diapers and belly bands have helped make life a bit easier.


Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

This is Chevy. He had a stroke 4 years ago and drags one of his hind legs, but his awesome parents walk him four times a day and then he gets a ride back home in his Dogger.


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

Thanks to her new Grippers, Abby (11yrs) can finally get to her feet when she lays on the kitchen floor. Abby blew out both ACLs at some point in her life and the Grippers make it easier for her to get around on slippery surfaces.


Washable Wonders Belly Bandsclick to zoom

Meet adorable Jak (10 yrs) trying his new belly band out for the first time. Jak is having some accidents so the belly band is giving both Jak and his parents peace of mind.


Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

Beautiful Ceilidh (12 yrs) no longer has to worry about those slippery floors thanks to her Grippers dog socks.

Molly & Joey

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

Molly and Joey are having a blast in their Dogger.

Danny & Chloe

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

This is Danny and Chloe enjoying their ride at Windsor UK today.They love it!

Taz & Jackson

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

Taz and Jackson enjoying the Key West Sunset from the comfort of their dogger.


Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Kismet modeling her new diaper to prepare for when she goes into her first heat cycle. As any puppy will do, Kismet was full of emotion when she first tried them on, but quickly realized that she looked great!

Heidi & Archie

Dogger dog strollerclick to zoom

Heidi and Archie test out their new Dogger and give it two paws up!

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