Happy Mini Tails February

Happy Mini Tails February

February's Happy Tails come to us from all over the globe. Read about Tayla (Australia), Cinder (United States), Wynken (Canada), Lilly, Holly & Stitch (United Kingdom) and Pepper (India). Senior dogs from different corners of the world makes us feel like we are really reaching dogs in need everywhere.

Tayla (Australia)

Grippers dog socksclick to zoom

The "Grippers" have made a great difference to Tayla's ability to get around on our timber floors and we are delighted with our purchase and with your service. We cannot thank you enough for all your help and we look forward to an on-going relationship with your company.

Cinder (United States)

Washable Wonders Dog Diapersclick to zoom

Thank you so much. Cinder is very comfortable in her washable wonders.

Wynken (Canada)

Washable Wonders Dog Belly Bandclick to zoom

With your wonderful product Wynken (15 yrs) can go into which ever room he wants just as he has always been able to in the past, not to mention our cuddle time on the bed or on the couch. Sure makes me happy!

Lilly (United Kingdom)

Washable Wonders Dog Nappyclick to zoom

Top notch quality product that stays on too. Very soft, comfortable, size good, pads lovely. We can visit our friends now as with a leaking dog you cannot really take them into other people's homes. Thank you again for a product that actually works.

Holly (United Kingdom)

Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom

Holly wearing her lovely new socks. Our daughter's dog who we treated due to her bilateral surgery for cruciate ligament, socks are so good on laminate flooring!!

Stitch (United Kingdom)

Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom

These socks are making such a difference to my pug Stitch's quality of life. He has been so happy this afternoon, with his new socks on he seems to have more confidence walking around. His back legs have had a substantial amount of pinning and he has been really struggling to walk. I cant believe the difference this has made to his life. Thank you so much!!

Pepper (India)

Grippers Dog Traction Socksclick to zoom

The socks have given my dog Pepper a new life. Earlier she was not able to get up since her legs would keep slipping and were losing strength. It took almost half an hour to make her stand up. She was very miserable. We were also wondering how long she could carry on like this. Now with the gripper socks she is up on her feet within seconds and she is able to move around a lot. Her confidence seems to have come back and she feels happy. And we are also relieved and happy.