Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Older Dogs

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Older Dogs

If your family is like mine then Christmas is a time where the dogs make out way better than the humans :) Our Christmas tree is usually filled with more gifts for our family dogs than for any of the two-legged members and I couldn't be happier. I am often asked for suggestions on the perfect gift to get an older dog so I thought I would write a post that summarized my top 5 picks for Christmas gifts this year.

1) If your dog is like mine then food is the number one favourite gift. For senior dogs I have started to give Greenies for seniors. For those of you not familiar with Greenies, they are treats that also act as a dental aid and breath freshener. The Dogger Debuts at Paws for a CauseThe type especially made for senior dogs have the added bonus of ingredients that help promote healthy  joints, bones, skin, and coat health. They are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Dogs seem to love these and they are just soft enough that even our older dogs can enjoy this healthy treat. All of my dogs are getting some of these in their stockings.

2) Another great gift for an older dog, especially one that struggles with mobility, is a dog stroller. I know there is likely snow outside but winter is not forever
The Dogger Debuts at Paws for a Cause and before you know it the roads will be clear and your dog will be ready to feel the wind beneath their wings. Or you could plow through the snow with our very own product, the Dogger dog stroller. It has 12 inch air-filled tires that have proven to do quite well on snow covered roads and sidewalks.
The Dogger Debuts at Paws for a Cause

3) If your dog is suffering from arthritis then they may appreciate the therapeutic help that an orthopedic dog bed can bring. I recommend going with a bed that is made of memory foam because this helps to evenly distribute their weight and reduce the pressure on sore joints. I tested these against a regular fluffy bed and the difference was significant. Mackenzie, my 14 3/4 years old pug used to get up limping and at times would even fall over and now that he only uses orthopedic beds, he gets up without any difficulty. I was so happy with the results that I filled my house with these beds.

4) Outside of the product world another terrific gift to give your senior dog is a canine massage. There is a growing number of professional dog massage therapists popping up to address the growing demand for this alternative treatment. If you have ever had a massage yourself you should understand just how great it can feel, not to mention the therapeutic benefits for your dog.

5) My fifth pick for the top Christmas gift for your older dog borders on controversial, but I am becoming a believer. Stem cell therapy is a fast growing treatment that is showing some tremendous results in the treatment of dog arthritis. I am confident that before too long this form of treatment will become much more mainstream as the number of vets that are offering this type of treatment continues to escalate. Keep in mind that this is an expensive treatment, but from what I have seen so far in terms of results, it seems to be worth it.

This of course is not an extensive list, but hopefully I have given you a few things to consider this Christmas for your older dog. What are you giving your senior dog this year? Please feel free to share you Christmas gift ideas. :)

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