The Dogger - Even Snow and Ice Can't Stop this Dog Stroller by Ann-Marie Fleming

27 November, 2010

Western Canada has already had its fair share of winter, despite the fact that it is only November. Rather than sing the winter blues, we decided to use this opportunity to test drive the Dogger in the snow and ice to see how it handles.

I have heard some great things from our Dogger customers in Alberta who were hit much harder than we were here in the Vancouver area, but I wanted to see for myself just how well it operated in these conditions. Boy, the Dogger did not disappoint. The 12 inch air-filled tires plowed through the snow with ease and the traction was wonderful. Maybe winter won't be so bad after all. :)

 p.s. If you do decide to brave the winter and go for a stroll with your Dogger, please don't forget to bundle your dog up extremely well so they stay nice and warm. A tip I mention in the video is to take advantage of the rain cover to help block out some of that cold wind. Do you have a Dogger? Please share your story with us :)

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