The Human Equivalent of 147 Years Old!! by Ann-Marie Fleming

10 May, 2009

The Guinness Book of World Records claims “Chanel”, a 21 year dachshund owned by Denice and Karl Shaugnessey, became the oldest dog alive after a 28 year old beagle passed away in the spring of last year.

Despite having to wear special goggles for her cataract eyes and being limited to a strict diet, Chanel is a very healthy and happy dog. I know that for any dog to live this long there has to be a lot of love between the owner and pet. This is something that I feel should be promoted more when selling the idea of owning a pet.

Not to sound like a financial advisor here but in order to maximize your investment you want to create an optimal environment in which it will prosper. I know in our family, in addition to proper exercise, diet, and regular trips to the vet, we have always shown a lot of love towards our pets and each one has gone on to live beyond their expected lifespan. So while it may be an obvious statement it is still worth reiterating if for nothing else but to get your dog in the record books! Hahaha. and happiness are intimately linked and best sustained in loving environments.

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