Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain Dog Stroller Review - Two Thumbs Up by Ann-Marie Fleming

09 May, 2009

Come along as I show you the ins and outs of the Pet Gear AT3 all terrain dog stroller which is perfect for one or two dogs and ideal for older dogs that need some help to get around. This sturdy and versatile dog stroller allows you to ride smoothly on multiple types of terrains with its front wheel that locks in place for those rugged areas. For riding in the city I recommend letting the front wheel stay in swivel mode so you can easily take those corners.

Your senior dog will love this ride which gives them amazing visibility and space as they once again come on long walks with you. I love the freedom that a dog stroller gives you and as an owner of a senior dog I can tell you first hand that a dog stroller can give your dog his or her second wind in life. 

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