Washable Wonders™ Dog Diapers (Male)

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Male Dog Diapers - As Seen On Dragons' Den

The Washable Wonders™ Dog Diapers are specifically designed for male dogs utilizing a wider base and longer waist than the female version, creating the perfect fit and maximum protection. This diaper style is appropriate for male dogs suffering from both bladder and bowel issues that require the protection of a full diaper.

This dog diaper has a highly absorbent microfiber lining, which holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid and a soft waterproof outer shell to protect against leaks - your perfect solution for managing dog incontinence. Give dignity back to your dog and peace of mind to your family.

These effective male cloth dog diapers come in Navy Blue, Hunter Green as well as Traditional Black and fit dogs of all sizes. Use the Velcro flaps and simple snaps to find the perfect fit. 

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Customer Reviews

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Solitaire N. (Sydney, AU)
One of the best things we have purchased!

We have a 15 year old Labrador who is currently experiencing mobility and incontinence issues and this was one of the best things we have purchased. We tried disposable human nappies for awhile which he hated. He loves these nappies and seems to be quite comfortable in these. They are very easy to get on him even though he is currently in a rear-supportive harness. The hole allowance for the tail complete with the orange band at the base means there is no accidents especially with no2s. They are quick drying and there has been a lot of thought that has gone into making these, which is why they work really well. We got the nappies and well as the belly bands which are really snug and works well when he's done his poos for the day.
We also have a little dog who tends to release this really pungent anal secretion every time he travels in the car (gross, I know) which makes it unpleasant for everyone in the car. We even got him one to test out on during car rides and realised that these nappies actually helps keeps the smell contained within the nappy really well. So this month we actually had our first road trip where we didn't have to roll down the windows, stop the car and let everyone catch their breath while someone cleaned out the seat due to his unusual habit.

Great for old Dog!

These have been a God send for my mom who is caring for her elderly poodle. My mom was over, coming home from work and having to clean up messes on the floors.

Margie G. (Healdsburg, US)
Soft and comfy

I wasn't sure that my senior dog would take to these diapers. All of his life he has been the best at not pooping in the house while I'm at work. In the last few months his back has begun to arch a little bit, as older long-backed dogs tend to do, and it has caused fecal incontinence occasionally. He was very upset about it and looked both embarrassed and like he had let me down. Obviously I understood that it wasn't his fault and began searching for a solution. I chose these diapers for him, with fingers crossed, and I am glad that I did. He has no issue at all with me putting them on (aside from having to pull his tail through the hole). They're so soft on the inside and seem to be very comfortable for him to wear. They wash up very nicely and only take the better part of a day to line-dry. I would recommend getting at least two so that you will have a clean pair on the ready as the other dries.

Thomas M.
Washable Diapers -Male

Wonderful product….game changer for my 14 year old Wheaten Terrier who’s been having trouble keeping himself and his bed completely dry at night. These fit him easily, comfortably, and more importantly, very effectively. High quality fabric for absorption and durability. I highly recommend for your geriatric dog.

Abigail H. (Rochester, US)
A saving grace for my German Shepherd

I've been looking for diapers that will cover all of my dog's parts and these are those diapers! They stay on and secure and they keep everything in. I'm very satisfied and am planning on buying more.