Washable Wonders™ Dog Amputee Diapers (Male) With Tail Hole

$19.95 USD

Amputee Dog Diapers

*Please allow 3-5 days for orders to be completed*

Washable Wonders Amputee Dog Diapers help male dogs that have had a rear leg removed and are now facing incontinence issues. The male amputee dog diaper is designed to be wider and longer than the female version and therefore fits much bigger overall to better accommodate their build. Each diaper is made with high quality fabrics including absorbent microfiber and a waterproof, yet breathable outer material and made specifically to prevent leaks by providing a covered leg hole where the amputation has occurred.

To find the perfect diaper for your dog please select whether your dog has a left or right amputation. That will be the side that is covered to prevent leaks. The covered  leg hole allows for enough room to accommodate the hip bone that often remains.

If your dog has had both legs amputated please reach out and we can make the amputee diaper without any leg openings at no extra charge.

These male cloth amputee dog diapers are available in Black, Hunter Green and Navy Blue and fit dogs of all sizes. Use the Velcro flaps and simple snaps to find the perfect fit. 

Customer Reviews

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CHRISTINE A. (Coatesville, US)
Great company - great product

We ordered the diaper for our senior tripod. Of course, we didn't measure correctly and the diaper was too small. I contacted the company and they helped me measure correctly and shipped the new one. Then they told me to donate the small one to our rescue or local ASPCA. I absolutely love companies with this policy; it shows compassion for the animals and for folks who may not be able to afford a specialty item for their rescue dog. Our boy does his best to get out of it, and sometimes he succeeds, but the quality is really nice and we're very satisfied. I will recommend this company to all of our friends and neighbors! Definitely 5 stars!

Stephanie W.
Didn’t Work

This falls off. It needs something made that attaches to their head or chest. For dogs with no legs, I do not recommend.

Sorry to hear Stephanie. Did you try them with our Stretchable Straps? https://dogquality.com/products/stretchable-straps We have a lot of double amputees using our diapers successfully with our straps. Also it might be a good idea to do a sizing check as well. If you could let us know your dog's weight and waist size we would be happy to take a look.


serene f.
Tripod doggie...

Marley is super stubborn. A typical retriever hound dog mix. He had a leg removed due to cancer. Anyway, this specially designed diaper is a great concept and fits great. However this stubborn guy forgets he's supposed spare us the 2 AM and 4AM outside run. He just howls and barrels down the steps.
I personally would suggest this product to anyone with a dog that cannot control their bladder. It WILL work ! And I would place a sanitary napkin to help absorb the urine. It can save having to wash so frequently.
Most owners and dogs would be appreciative of this product!!! It fits and will work.

Mika V.
Perfect for Amputee Pet

I searched everywhere for something that would fit my dog which had his back leg removed due to mast cell tumors. The "band" type diapers would slide off whenever he would slightly move, one with 2 leg holes that look like pants would also have not full coverage since the leg hole that isn't used would stretch to the bottom. This is the only diaper I could find for him, and I was so glad to have found this. Given, since his one back leg is lame now, so he scoots to walk around, and when he does sometimes the diaper comes off, but most of the time it stays in place. I am glad this company considered that my little amputee pug may need diapers that fit him right too! (-:

Lynda Y.
Thank goodness!!

We’ve had to have spent hundreds of Dollars trying to find a diaper that stays on for our poor little guy who’s missing his leg. My daughter stumbled upon this site and thank goodness because for the first time he’s wearing a diaper that looks comfortable is so soft and stays on! Thank you so much!