Washable Wonders™ Dog Amputee Diapers (Female) With Tail Hole

$19.95 USD

Amputee Dog Diapers

*Please allow 3-5 days for orders to be completed*

Washable Wonders Amputee Dog Diapers help dogs that have had a rear leg removed and are now facing incontinence issues. Each diaper is made with high quality fabrics including absorbent microfiber and a waterproof, yet breathable outer material and made specifically to prevent leaks by providing a covered leg hole where the amputation has occurred.

To find the perfect diaper for your dog please select whether your dog has a left, right or double amputation. That will be the area that is covered to prevent leaks. The covered  leg hole allows for enough room to accommodate the hip bone that often remains.

These female cloth amputee dog diapers are available in Purple, Avocado Green and Pink and fit dogs of all sizes. Use the Velcro flaps and simple snaps to find the perfect fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
James S. (San Francisco, US)

The diapers are absolutely fantastic. They are durable and fit well with my dog. They have withstood many washes. I will continue to rave about these diapers. They are the best.

Jenny C. (Tucson, US)
Well made

I can't believe how well made these are while being so affordable. We use them as a cover over disposable diapers to catch any leakage. I would like to order more in the future so we can eliminate the disposable diapers.

Customer service was very quick to answer any questions I had prior to ordering.

I have a 11 yo pittie with a rear left amputated leg. Her rear back leg can't support her, so she has to drag herself around. Considering that, it was recommended by customer service to also order the suspenders, and oh my word they were just what we needed!

Kimberly H. (Seattle, US)
Amputee Diapers are great!

These diapers are fantastic. Very easy to put on, and so much better for a dog with only one hind leg. They also stay on way better than the disposable dog diapers. I bought two of them, which is fine for occasional overnight incontinence. If she needed them more often than that it would probably make sense to have a couple more. They are easily machine-washable and dry-able. These amputee diapers are a huge improvement for our dog and for us.

Hazel's M. (Spring Hill, US)
Super high quality

I purchased a couple of pairs of the amputee diapers for my dog for potty training. These are super plush, soft, and I imagine very comfortable. She has not had to wear them much but she was able to get them off easily. I may not have had them on tight enough but she is also a real Houdini. I would recommend if you also have a dog that likes to take theirs off to try the suspenders or even a recovery suit option. I am keeping them for when she gets older and might need them again. Excellent quality and fast delivery.

Laura (Pinckney, US)
Good fit!

Our rear leg amputee, Rita, started peeing the bed after her first round of chemotherapy. We found this sit and ordered an amputee diaper and it was delivered quickly! It fit her odd greyhound body pretty well. We ordered the small and it fit but is a bit snug around her muscular thigh. Her waist fits fine but the odd shape of a greyhound has to be considered when taking the measurements. Fortunately, we stopped the medication that caused the incontenence and haven’t been able to test the capacity of this diaper fully. We are fully satisfied and excited to have this as an option in case Rita needs it!

She didn’t seem too bothered by it as you can see by her roaching while wearing it!