Nibbles Freeze-Dried Green Beans

$8.95 USD

Freeze Dried Dog Treat | 100% Natural, No Additives or Preservatives, Just Green Beans! 

Green beans pack a lot into their small size as they are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals including iron which is key in building healthy blood and calcium an important contributor to bone health.

Rich in dietary fiber to help with digestion as well as vitamins A and C, green beans support your dog's immune system and overall health.

Perfect for use as a treat or even as a food additive, your dog will love this delicious, healthy, low-calorie snack and you will love the peace of mind of knowing that what's in the bag is pure vegetable with no additives, colors, or preservatives.

Great for pet parents looking for a plant-based treat or food additive option and for dogs with dietary restrictions.

For more info on the nutritional benefits of green beans, read our blog post: The Health Benefits of Green Beans for Your Dog

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Denise P. (Las Vegas, US)
Buddies Treats

She is very picky but, she loves these, even though they are small I still have to break them for her. I will continue to purchase.

Mary R. (Fort Collins, US)
Not so much

None of my dogs or my kids' dogs liked this. So, maybe it's an acquired taste.

Lisa G. (Brooklyn, US)
The best!

My two dogs love these so much! They’ve become hard to find recently so I hope they get restocked 😊

R. (Tacoma, US)
Wow so good!

I knew my dog would love blueberries and apples. But since she never liked steamed green beans Ive tried to give her, this was a risk purchase. I thought I would eat them if she doesnt but Angé loves it! Its low in calories and taste good. Perfect treats, please never stop making these. I’ll be filling up my pantries with it so I can have some too lol I’m sure its good for us humans too

Patti (Williams Lake, CA)
Love the Green Bean Nibbles

Tassie & Bailee love these treats!