Gentle Rise™ Dog Couch Ramp

$249.95 USD

Introducing the Gentle Rise Couch Ramp

Introducing our newest ramp to help senior dogs safely reach couches. Dogs, especially seniors, can risk serious injury jumping down from couches and may not have the strength to jump up. With the Gentle Rise Couch Ramp dogs can go up and down from couches safely, easily and securely.

This sturdy ramp is made from beautiful pine wood for the frame and a strong yet lightweight poplar plywood for the base. The safety rail gives dogs confidence while using the ramp and can be installed on either side.

The ramp has a wide base and non-slip rubber flooring to give your senior dog maximum grip and cushion for sore joints. The Gentle Rise Couch Ramp was created with a gradual slope to accommodate the needs of senior dogs and is a much safer and easier option for seniors than pet steps.

The Gentle Rise Couch Ramp is suitable for dogs of all sizes and can easily accommodate dog 120 lbs+. The ramp measures 17" tall from the ground to the platform. This allows it to be safely used with couches a little higher and a little lower (or with low beds). The total width including the trim is 17" and the walkway, with the rubber flooring (not including the trim) is 14". The ramp including the platform measures 53" in total length.

Keep your dog safe and give them the independence they deserve to access one of their favorite places in your home - their couch!


Can the safety rail be installed on either side?

Yes, you have the option of installing the safety rail on either the left or the right side of the ramp.

Is assembly required?

Yes, there is some assembly required but not to worry, we have included written instructions with your ramp or you can watch an easy-to-follow video by clicking here. We also encourage you to reach out to us with any questions and we are happy to help.

How much weight can the ramp handle?

The ramp can easily hold 120 lbs.

How would I clean the non-slip rubber flooring?

To clean the rubber flooring you can vacuum any dirt or fur and then if needed, wipe down with a damp cloth. Avoid using paper towel otherwise it will leave white traces in the rubber, so it is best to use a fabric cloth.

Is the ramp adjustable?

The ramp is not adjustable, but can work well with couches several inches higher or lower than 17". 

What are the ramp's dimensions?

The ramp measures 17" tall from the ground to the platform. The total length, including the platform, is 53". The walkway, including the trim, is 17" in width and the rubber flooring measures 14" in width.

Can this ramp also be used for beds?

Yes this ramp can also be used with low beds. It is 17" high at the tallest point and would work with beds a bit higher or lower.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Victor A. (Knoxville, US)
Gentle Rise Dog Couch Ramp

We have the Gentle Rise Bed Ramp. Based on the quality and friendly angle of the Bed Ramp, we decided to order the Couch Ramp. Again, we were not disappointed. There are many ramp/stair products on the market but none come close to the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of these ramps. Yes, they are comparatively expensive but worth every penny. One final note: Follow the assembly instructions exactly - don not skip steps or improvise.

Colleen G.
Good ramp.

Hard for old person to assemble.

Maria M.
Gentle Rise™ Dog Couch Ramp

My two Doxies love to be able to run up and down the ramp giving them access to the couch. I love the fact I am no longer having to pick them up or down to sit by me on the couch. I am excited to provide them the ability to have access to the couch without being fearful of back injuries from jumping. I looked far and wide to find a gentle slope which was a must! I am completely satisfied and would highly recommend this ramp. The quality and workmanship is great. All small breeds would benefit from this ramp. There would be so many less needless injuries if people where aware of what injuries are caused from jumping ❣️ Please take a look at this well designed ramp.

Roxanne G.
Well Constructed

The item is well constructed, it fits the couch height perfectly.

Great quality

You will definitely need 2 people to put it together and it was simple. My pugs go up and down the ramp with ease. With my pugs getting older I watch for new products to help them with the aging process