Dogger Mini Pump

$14.95 USD

A handy mini-pump that is perfect for inflating your Dogger tires. Measuring only 9 1/2" in length and weighing only 6.5oz means you can conveniently tuck it away in your Dogger so you always have it handy. Don't let its small size fool you, it still provides pumping power up to 120 psi making it fast and easy to add air to your Dogger tires. 

The Dogger pump has a flexible hose (stored inside the handle) that makes it very easy to connect to the valve stem on your tires. Each pump is fitted with a Schrader head (matches the valves on the Dogger tires) giving you an air-tight connection and also includes a Presta head in case you choose to change your inner tubes to this style. 

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, makes this the perfect Dogger stroller accessory.

Buy all 4 accessories (Drink Holder, Safety Lights, Pad, Mini Pump) and save 10%. The discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
T L. (Princeton, US)
Handy tool

Bought the pump with the dogger. Important handy tool to keep dogger going with the right tire pressure!

Terry W. (Cornwall, CA)
Accessory package for Dogger

I am quite happy with all the items, so are the dogs!

Pat E. (Hinton, US)
No worries on the trail

Love it! I carry it in the lower compartment of my stroller. I don't worry about getting a flat on the trail.
Very compact, high quality.

Elaine M. (Langley, CA)
Wouldn’t travel without it.

So handy to have on board since I take my pup on various terrains.

audrey h. (Pleasant Hill, US)
Great pump and affordable!

I will be returning my $74 REI air pump. HA! HA! HA! Just twist the tip and a tube comes out for easy fitting. I love that it fits in the carrier in case I get a flat, its right on my dogger at all times! Safe travels fur babies!