Dogger™ Rear Wheel

$24.95 USD
Rear wheel replacement for the Dogger stroller. Can be used on either side of the rear axle.

Customer Reviews

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John M. (Sidman, US)
reel wheel

Very easy to change , original wheels had 1500 miles until replaced.

Ron L. (Edmonton, CA)

Had are stroller for awhile now wife pushes around are dogs every day order a new rear wheel and back in business

Amanda K. (Detroit, US)

I love how you can replace the tires on the Dogger. Love how they come already inflated and all you have to do it snap them back on. Fast and easy!

Karina J. (San Jose, US)
Excellent Wheel & Tire and a Great Price

Ordered a Rear & Front Replacement for Back - Up Replacements after having a Flat and I wasn’t prepared . Keep them in the Trunk for Quick Replacement to get back to our Adventures ..

Heidi B. (Peachtree Corners, US)
Installed in Less Than a Minute

I'm 54 years old and haven't installed a bicycle tire since I was 12! My husband admitted that he has never done it in his life. So when my well used 7 year old Dogger ran over something at the park and I had to get a new tire, I was dreading having to change it. But to my surprise it took me LITERALLY LESS THAN ONE MINUTE!!! I couldn't believe it!!! We were ready to go to the park in no time! I told my husband how quick it was and he didn't believe me so I pushed one button and took it off. Then pushed the button again to push it back on! His eyes widened and he said, "Wow! They designed this really well!". Thank you Dog Quality. Thank you for your thoughtful engineering!! My Dogger is just as nice as when we bought it. A little wear on the tires but not much. It it wasn't for us running over something that put a fast leak hole in our tires I wouldn't have even needed this part. We love our Dogger and it was such a good investment! Thank you!!