Dogger™ Rain Cover

$19.95 USD
Every Dogger comes with a rain cover, but replacements are available. Keep your dog dry in rainy conditions. Each raincover fits perfectly over the lip of the Dogger basket. By not covering the front window it allows plenty of airflow. Small enough to fold and place in the Dogger's underneath storage basket.

Customer Reviews

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Luann A. (Catawba, US)
A must have accessory for the dogger pet stroller

I can’t say say enough about this company!! The product quality is second to none. The customer service is amazing. My 7 pound dachshund loves her “buggy”. She knows it’s hers and doesn’t mind letting everyone know. She knows when I’m loading it in the car that she’s going on an adventure! Her favorite trips in her buggy are my grandsons baseball games, Biltmore House and Southpark Mall. I lost her original rain cover and decided to order replacement. I’m sure glad I did, the newer version is not as stiff as the original. This dog stroller is AMAZING and I always get so many compliments. Don’t hesitate to order , it is worth every penny and then some!

Arthur C. (Austin, US)
Greatest invention since sliced bead. Protects my dogs from the weather


xuan o. (Azusa, US)
Stroller rain cover

Was very happy to have found the rain cover for the stroller since we’ve been getting a great deal of rain in California this year. The cover was very useful and nice quality.

Lloydlandia (El Cajon, US)
We go out in the rain!

Purchased the rain cover to go out in light rain, it's been nice considering how much rain we've had.
It helps us socialize and include our pups.

Robert E. (Seattle, US)
Rain Cover Material Has Been Significantly Improved!

Previous versions were made with a clear material that was far too stiff and would cause cracks and holes along the folds in the material that would let the rain in, so basically defeating the purpose of the rain cover.

This new version rain cover fits and works very well and is made from a very supple clear material that does not crack and split open like the previous versions.