Dogger™ Inner Tube

$6.95 USD
Replacement inner tube for the Dogger dog stroller. The angled valve on each tube makes it very easy to attach your bike pump compared to straight valved tubes.

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Caroline B.B. (Lexington, US)
Excellent - Like Everything Dog Quality Makes

I've had my trusty Dogger for about 10 years. It was a godsend for my two Shih Tzus as they aged. One of the inner tubes blew after several years and I had to replace it with a tube from a local bike shop. Of course they were out of the curved valve tubes but I was desperate. Fast forward a few years to using it with my new Shih Tzu puppy and I couldn't stand the inconvenience of the straight valve on that one tire. So I ordered a new replacement tube from Dog Quality and it's great. Like everything else on this site!

Kathryn S. (Fort Myers, US)
love my dogger !

excellent wheel replacement easy to install -put new inner tube inti existing wheel now i have a spare tire when needed
this dogger is the best dog carrier ,on the market

Thank You!

Great, quick delivery.
I love the quality of your products!!

Carol C.

Delivered on time.

Erica L.
Amazing dog stroller.

My two chihuahuas love the stroller! It makes going for long walks a breeze. In fact they were just captured on Local TV in their stroller.