Dogger™ Front Wheel

$21.95 USD
Front wheel replacement for the Dogger stroller.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa N. (Yucaipa, US)
Great quality

Great quality just like the original stroller itself

Frank S. (Palm Bay, US)
Great company

Good company and great customer service. They understood that the tire is too tight on the rim and very hard to change even with experience. They sent me a whole tire and rim on the house. Thank you for making things easy on us. We have two doggers and use them all the time.

Jonella W. (Seattle, US)
Fast Replacement - Good As New

Thanks for sending the replacement wheel so fast. It was a breeze to replace and we were back on the road in just a couple days.

Erica H. (Scottsdale, US)

Our dog had surgery and we would be lost without our stroller to get her to the park in the AZ heat. The front tire went flat and replacement tubes are currently unavailable. I contacted Dogger and they were so kind and sent us a Dogger Front Wheel complimentary. We are so grateful, great customer service and support!

Laura W. (Santa Ana, US)
Replacement wheel

So this is the second wheel needed within 6 months of purchasing a Dogger. I had a much less expensive dog stroller that was $50 with wheels that lasted one year before they began to have issues but that makes sense- it was really cheap and I was just testing to see if my dog would even like a dog stroller. Since he loves being in a stroller I decided to invest in a nice quality one when the other stroller began to have issues, I thought this would last at least the 2 years that it was under warranty. But then the wheels began breaking the front wheel first and then the back wheel broke when I rolled over on a thorn. Completely deflated. I feel deflated. I can’t believe this stroller has broken two times within 6 months- and it’s the wheels which conveniently are *not* under warranty. However, I must say I am happy with Dog Quality for their help and customer service as they provided new wheels since they were so new. So I do appreciate that but I am still upset over the quality of these wheels! The Dogger needs to fix either their wheels or their warranty policy, this should not happen on a $300 stroller.