Bamboo Blocker™


Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™ Bamboo Blocker™

Bamboo Blocker™

Dog Quality

$49.95 USD 

Introducing the Bamboo Blocker™, a free standing, accordion dog barrier inspired by my Bamboo and made with bamboo! Many senior dogs such as Bamboo are challenged by cognitive issues and declining vision. Often times dogs they find themselves stuck in awkward places which can be scary, frustrating and upsetting, but it doesn't have to be this way. 

Bamboo, like many of my seniors before him, constantly gets trapped in small spaces such as behind the TV, in between rails, in coffee tables and many other places. Places that once seemed safe and simple have now become household traps. After non-stop rescuing it was time to come up with a solution, something that could gently guide Bamboo away from these household traps, something that was versatile enough to cover a variety of areas.

The Bamboo Blocker was born from love and necessity because it not only helps to steer dogs away from problem areas, but it also provides them with freedom and a sense of security. 

It is a lightweight barrier that because of its accordion design gives you flexibility to block off a variety of areas. It can be extended or compressed and even used as a wrap around.

Bamboo (the material) is an eco-friendly renewable alternative to plastic and is such a beautiful, lightweight material allowing natural light to pass through complimenting any room. 

When your dog is easily confused because they are coping with dementia or other cognitive issues and/or have poor vision, even the most basic of rooms can be a major challenge. The Bamboo Blocker is a simple solution that gives you peace of mind and allows your senior dog to roam freely and safely. This product has made a huge difference for Bamboo (and for me) and we want to share this with all of you who may have dogs struggling with some of the challenges Bamboo faces. Life at this stage can still be wonderful, but sometimes they just need a little help along the way.

No assembly required! Measures 48"L x 21"H. With multiple Bamboo Blockers you can easily remove panels from one with a few simple steps and add to another to customize your lengths.

Customizing the Length of Your Bamboo Blocker

If you are like me then you have several Bamboo Blockers to guide your senior dog away from household traps. You might have some areas that need more length than others, but not to worry it is super easy to remove a panel from one Bamboo Blocker and add it to another in a few simple steps.

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