How To Assemble Your Gentle Rise Pet Steps

Need a visual aid to help with your Gentle Rise Pet Steps assembly? Follow along as I go through how it all fits together. I promise it's easy! In this video I'm assembling our 4-step model for beds, but the instructions are the same for our 3-step model, the only difference is you'll have one less step to worry about.

When putting your steps together please ensure that you have the wood stair treads (the horizontal parts of the stairs your dog will walk on) in the correct order since the hole placement is different for the top, middle and bottom pieces to accommodate the railings. You will be able to see the different part numbers for each in the written instructions provided with your pet steps but top is labeled as C, middle piece(s) as D and the bottom piece is E.

Our dog stairs are designed with senior dogs in mind making them easy for older dogs to use. They are also incredibly safe thanks to the guard rails on both sides of the steps and its sturdy construction. We hope you love them as much as we do!