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Restoring Mobility to Senior Pooches

As dogs get older, many, like my own 14-year-old pug, Lily, experience challenges with mobility. While dog wheelchairs have existed for quite some time, they’re usually too big and heavy to work for older dogs who lack strength in their front legs. Dogs need exercise and walks for stimulation, good health and to prevent their muscles from atrophying. That’s why it was so important to me to find a solution that worked for Lily and other dogs like her.

I teamed up with researchers from the British Columbia Institute of Technology to design a lightweight, supportive dog wheelchair that really catered to older dogs and would allow them to comfortably move around on their own. My mission with the wheelchair, as it is with all of our Dog Quality products, is to improve the quality of life for senior dogs and, as Lily can attest, the device really helps to do that.

We’ve been testing the wheelchair, which we are calling Road Warrior and adapting our design to fit the needs of senior dogs. The final prototype features a carbon fiber frame that goes over the dog so that pet parents don’t have to lift their pooch. The carbon fiber is exceptionally light, making it easier for dogs to move about and the attached support harness can be adjusted to provide more or less support. We’re working on a range of sizes so we can help all senior dogs in need of mobility assistance. By restoring mobility with our patent pending specialized senior dog wheelchair, you and your dog can continue to have adventures and make the most of those golden years.

In the Media

Canine wheelchair making it possible for senior dogs to regain mobility

Even though we know it’s inevitable that our dogs will age, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch your dog get older and lose mobility. But it’s Dog Quality’s mission to make sure your dog enjoys her later years in comfort and style. Together with the BCIT MAKE+ team, Dog Quality has created a wheelchair to give your pup her freedom back.


Innovative wheelchair keeps older dogs mobile and active

Dog Quality’s canine wheelchair, and partnership with BCIT, is making headlines across the country. It’s for good reason: the innovative design gives senior dogs the support they need to live a happy, healthy life. And who better to demonstrate the chair than Dog Quality’s own 14-year-old pug Lily?


BCIT-designed dog wheelchair aims to improve senior dogs' quality of life

Every dog owner wants their pup to live as long as possible, and to be as comfortable in his later years as he can. Sadly, many senior dogs suffer a severely reduced quality of life as they age, due to issues with mobility or incontinence. Dog Quality and BCIT joined forces to change all that with an innovative new wheelchair designed specifically for senior dogs.


Doggy-Wheelchair designed for aging pups

Dog Quality founder Ann-Marie Fleming set out to create a dog wheelchair with aging dogs in mind — particularly Lily, her 14-year-old pug who was born with a malformed vertebra. Her mobility was always a challenge but now, in her senior years, Lily was having even more difficulty getting around. Until now.


Don’t Miss Out on Our Specialized Senior Dog Wheelchair!

Be the first to access the much-anticipated release. Enter your details to stay up to date on the progress.

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