Dogger™ Mini Pump

$14.95 USD

A handy mini-pump that is perfect for inflating your Dogger tires. Measuring only 9 1/2" in length and weighing only 6.5oz means you can conveniently tuck it away in your Dogger so you always have it handy. Don't let its small size fool you, it still provides pumping power up to 120 psi making it fast and easy to add air to your Dogger tires. 

The Dogger pump has a flexible hose (stored inside the handle) that makes it very easy to connect to the valve stem on your tires. Each pump is fitted with a Schrader head (matches the valves on the Dogger tires) giving you an air-tight connection and also includes a Presta head in case you choose to change your inner tubes to this style. 

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, makes this the perfect Dogger stroller accessory.

Buy all 4 accessories (Drink Holder, Safety Lights, Pad, Mini Pump) and save 10%. The discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Wayne A. (Casper, US)
Mini pump

Good size

J. G. (Chicago, US)
Pump it up!

Have not needed to use this pump yet but its perfect to fit in storage basket below for anytime we may need it.

Virginia O. (Inglewood, US)
Perfect !

My tires on my dogger were low. I tried many different pumps and nothing really worked very well. This was perfect and worked beautifully. I would say if you are buying a dogger get the pump too ! Really feels nice and well made too ! Love it

Gregg G. (Clearwater, US)
Fits like I hoped.

As you know there is not a lot of room for pump nozzles on the dogger, and this pump ha s flexible hose that lets you connect to the tire stem. Once on, the pumping action itself is light and easy and does not wear you out at all. Also it was nice because pumping all three tires only took about 10 minutes.

Corgi D. (West Hollywood, US)
Handy Tire air pump

This is great to have attacked on the handle or any bars u like. I like the tires to be very full and hard to run smooth on all type of floor, street and pavement you stroll with .