Dogger™ Rain Cover Replacement

$14.95 USD
Every Dogger comes with a rain cover, but replacements are available. Keep your dog dry in rainy conditions. Each raincover fits perfectly over the lip of the Dogger basket. By not covering the front window it allows plenty of airflow. Small enough to fold and place in the Dogger's underneath storage basket.

Customer Reviews

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Sam W.
Very good

The only thing that makes it not 5 stars is that the plastic is a bit too stiff. If it were made with a more pliable plastic it would be easier to use and store.

Julia B.
Excellent Products

Love it! Just wish it came with a velcro strap so they don't keep blowing away!

Hi Julia - thanks for the review. The rain cover has two little velcro straps for that exact reason. You can wrap each strap around the frame to prevent it from blowing off. If for some reason yours didn't come with these please let us know and we can replace it for you.

Thanks again.

Good idea but can be improved

I love the idea of this accessory but it doesn’t attach well to the stroller. I love my stroller - how well made it is. This rain cover can be improved upon so it attaches more easily and tightly,

Jacqualin E.W.
No more worries I have my Dogger Rain Cover

Walking Ginger everyday rain or shine. Living in Florida without a rain cover for my Dogger. It only happened once - we moved and somehow the rain cover for my Dogger didn’t make the move. First walk on a sunny day while walking back - a sudden shower - by the time l got home l had a very wet dog and very wet Dogger - first call l made was to Dogger and in a few days l had the rain cover. Very inexpensive replacement. Next time walking and a surprise shower l arrived home with a dry dog and dry inside Dogger.

Anna C.
Can’t live without this stroller!

I have 3 small dogs . My boy can walk for miles but my two little girls need to be rested on long walks . This stroller is of the finest quality and strength you can buy for a pet. I’ve had mine for about 3 years now and it is in great condition even with my heavy use. It is perfect for bringing the dogs to the vets or groomers and dog friendly stores. The dogs feel safe and are much easier to handle than struggling with tangled leashes at vets & groomers. I personally feel safer having the stroller when we go on long trail walks to rest the dogs and also as protection when we encounter larger dogs. Just love it!