Dogger™ Rain Cover

$14.95 USD
Every Dogger comes with a rain cover, but replacements are available. Keep your dog dry in rainy conditions. Each raincover fits perfectly over the lip of the Dogger basket. By not covering the front window it allows plenty of airflow. Small enough to fold and place in the Dogger's underneath storage basket.

Customer Reviews

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Laurie m. (Malone, US)
Dog stroller cover

Great cover, very flexible great item to keep your fur babies dry also a great wind guard for the little ones

Canadian H. (Lamont, CA)
Amazing product and service

My rain cover was a very hard type of plastic, and when I unfolded it to use it, the plastic basically cracked and crumbled. I emailed the company, and they sent out a replacement cover, no charge, no charge for shipping, nothing. The new cover is a completely different plastic. It’s softer, more flexible, and just seems like such better materials than the original plastic used.

I could not be happier with the new cover, and the customer service. Within a week of sending an email, the new cover was shipped and received.

So nice to have a company that completely backs their products and their quality. This stroller is hands down, best on the market. Customer service included!

Ellen L. (Nanaimo, CA)
Dogger Rain Cover material could have been better

Dog Quality's customer service is bar none. I love the Dogger and so does my 2 Shih-Tzu's. They love the Dogger so much that I have to force them to go down and walk. 😊 I received a replacement to my original rain cover that was very brittle - it had multiple holes and tears. I tried patching it first with transparent tape but it was so crunchy that every time you fold it, it creates more rips and holes. I am now bringing the replacement rain cover indoor as per Ann-Marie's comment to another reviewer. I am certainly excited that they are looking at new materials as I would prefer the material to be softer and would drape around the Dogger. A short and long rain cover would be preferable to keep the Dogger from any splash from rain or dirt. BTW, where do you attach the tiny velcro?

Thanks for the feedback Ellen. We are excited for the new material since it is very soft and unaffected by the cold. As for the little velcro, those are there to help keep the rain cover in place in windy conditions. You can wrap them around the aluminum tube on each side of the Dogger. I hope that helps.

Thanks again.

Deidre C. (Corvallis, US)
poor rain plastic rips too easy this is only the rain cover reveiw

Hi Dogger, I love my stroller it's awesome and I give the stroller a excellent 5 stars. but unfortunately the cover is way too brittle and breaks very easily especially in cold weather. You gave me a replacement for the first one without any hassle and I was very gratefully. Please consider changing the cover material. the ones I have are just ending up in the landfill.

Hi Deidre,

Sorry to hear. I use our rain cover in the winter also. One thing that might help is keeping the rain cover indoors during the winter until you are ready to use it so that when you unfold it the rain cover is nice and soft and easy to put on.

We are also exploring a new material to help with this so thanks for the feedback.


Sam W.
Very good

The only thing that makes it not 5 stars is that the plastic is a bit too stiff. If it were made with a more pliable plastic it would be easier to use and store.