Dogger™ Replacement Canopy

$24.95 USD
Replacement canopy for the Dogger stroller.

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l (Ojai, US)
Have had my dogger for 10+ years & it is still going!! Best purchase I ever made.

I purchased my Dogger when they were first developed, at least 10 years ago. The Dogger has served 5 different dogs up thru their end of life stages. (blind, deaf, paralysis, and a heart condition.) It has performed perfectly for various activities: Hiking on rough trails, shopping, Vet/therapy visits, restaurants, a safe place at the groomer, and just allowing dogs to sit in it at home. (my poodle never wants to get out of it) Etc. It is still in perfect working condition. It is sturdy, allowing 3 dogs in it at once. I love to bring it shopping. Stores that don't allow dogs have NEVER asked me to leave because the dogs are totally contained. I love the basket underneath as it allows room for my groceries, produce from farmers market, various dog supplies, poop bags, etc.

It has allowed my blind dog to run along outside the stroller. He felt safe because he heard the stroller next to him. It allowed my dog with congestive heart failure to walk short distances until he grew winded, allowing me to take longer walks/hikes.

I am totally impressed with the quality as it has been heavily used, beat up, and mistreated over the years. It still works perfectly and looks great. (just a little dirt/dust smudges) I still have the original tires and tubes!! I especially like the break feature, it is very strong and I trust it on hills and near cliffs.

I lost the zippered section of the canopy. I never thought I could find one as I have had the stroller for so long. I finally looked online and was surprised to find one, and that the stroller is still available and unchanged over all these years! I guess when a product is great why modify it?!

Don't hesitate to buy this stroller. I am soooooo happy with it!!!!!

Cami P. (Portland, US)
Love but canopy is too small by a couple inches

Doesn't allow closing on both sides of the stroller. Still - I love, love, love this stroller. And so do my senior pups. They constantly ask to be in it. Makes my heart full.

Hi Cami,

Thanks for your feedback. The canopy should fit perfectly so would you be able to send us some photos of your Dogger with the canopy so we can take a look to see what is happening with the fit?

Thanks again.

Lara D. (Santa Rosa, US)
Great Dog Stroller

I am so grateful that I purchased this great stroller. I can take my senior dogs for walks and as they get tired I put in the stroller. They are so happy. Thanks

Patricia A. (Windsor, CA)
Dogger replacement canopy

I bought this dogger stroller when they first came out for my little dog who had knee surgeries she past away in Oct but now my new puppies now enjoy the stroller I am happy I was able to get a canopy replacement as my Velcro wore off the canopy from using it so much with my other dog thx again very happy you have replacement parts thx again

Customer (Rochester, US)
Replacement cover

Great customer service! Our stroller canopy became unraveled and Dog Quality quickly sent us a replacement at no charge! Very happy with their response to our issue.