Washable Wonders™ Female Dog Diaper

$16.95 USD

Washable Dog Diapers - Amazing Fabrics

A thoughtful design and incredible fabrics give you the most effective means of managing dog incontinence available today. Why wait for peace of mind? 

Each female dog diaper uses a unique microfiber liner which holds up to 7 times its weight in liquid and a soft, waterproof yet breathable outer material to help protect against leaks.

These female cloth dog diapers come in purple, pink or avocado green and fit dogs of all sizes. Use the Velcro flaps and simple snaps to find the perfect fit. 

Our washable dog diapers also work great for managing your dog's heat cycle.

Customer Reviews

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AMAZING PRODUCT. Definitely works well and STAYS ON. My puppy have figured out how to take off everything else except for these. Thank you

Susan H. (Ballwin, US)

I love these. They are the best. I had a problem with a schnauzer with a sort tail. Buy suspenders. They work on several levels .

Denise R. (Seattle, US)
best fit of the washable doggie-diapers we've tried, excellent quality

We've purchased multiple sets of Dog Quality washable diapers (and accessories).

The first set we purchased was back in 2013, for our elderly sheppard mix, who was becoming incontinent with age, with the back hip paralysis that sheppards commonly get. We purchased a few female diapers (with tail hole), set of the larger diaper pads, and the laundry bag. The diapers fit her perfectly and we changed her often. These prevented doggie messes in the house. We used these until she passed. She never seemed to mind wearing the diapers.

Our most recent purchase of Dog Quality washable diapers (and accessories), was for my Mom's little rescue dog, she adopted last year. Her little female dog is a 6-7 year old rescue puppy mill momma dog, who was overbred, so has incontinence issues and dribbles frequently. There was only one Dog Quality washable female diaper in stock for her size, so I purchased the one female diaper (with tail hole), set of the smaller diaper pads, and the laundry bag. I went to other web sites for washable doggie diapers, and purchased a few more female doggie diapers to allow us to have plenty of spares while diapers were being laundered.

We rotated use of all the diapers we purchased, and it was unanimous, the Dog Quality washable diapers had the best fit, didn't leak (urine or feces), and seemed to us to have the best overall quality for materials, highly absorbent microfiber liner, strong waterproof out layer, velcro AND snap fasteners, etc.

We ended up purchasing two additional Dog Quality washable diapers, since we like them the best.

Nancy L. (Winchester, US)
Your Doggie Diaper Took Stress Away

I absolutely love your doggy diaper and pads. My 17-year-old mini doxi was stressing me out. If I wasn’t watching her constantly, she’d squat somewhere and pee. Your doggy diaper saved my sanity. They’re beautifully made, so soft, and easy to wash. I just ordered a second one, pink in xxsmall since she’s only 7lb. and the small was a bit too big (even with the great velcro and snaps, it fell off). Thank you for your beautiful work on these adorable diapers.

Sylvia C. (Saddle River, US)
Haooy Home

Occasionally my 9 year old adopted dog, Doggy, doesn't want to go outside and prefers the den floor.
She doesn't mind wearing the diaper but there must be some magic in the fiber because she has not
been incontinent since her diaper arrived.
I like it because it's washable and I am not throwing more plastic into the environment.