Why We Are So Excited About Our New Gentle Rise Pet Steps

Why We Are So Excited About Our New Gentle Rise Pet Steps

Why We Are So Excited About Our New Gentle Rise Pet Steps

Here's a look at our new Gentle Rise Pet Steps, which after many months, are finally in production! While many of you know us for our dog ramps, we wanted to also create what we believe to be the safest, sturdiest and easiest to climb dog stairs available to give pet parents another option for helping their dogs, especially seniors, access couches and beds. We understand that many dogs, even seniors, can still use steps and we also recognize that sometimes people don't have enough room to fit our ramps and are in need of alternative options. Jumping on and off of couches and beds is unsafe for dogs of any age, but can be especially disastrous for seniors, so it is really important that as pet parents we find a way to allow them to access couches and beds as safely as possible, avoiding injuries and preserving their independence in the process.

When designing our pet steps we had 3 key priorities, 1) they needed to be easy for dogs to use, especially seniors 2) they needed to be incredibly safe and 3) they needed to be sturdy so that dogs of all sizes can benefit from them. I think you will see when looking at our Gentle Rise Pet Steps that we have accomplished all three of these priorities.

We have made our pet stairs super easy for dogs to use because the rise, which is the space between one step to the next, is very low so dogs with mobility challenges can still climb up without much exertion or stress to their joints. We have non-slip ribbed carpet on each step for maximum grip and each step is also quite wide and deep which helps make climbing easier and accommodates even the largest of dogs. Our pet steps are made from thick pine wood which when combined with the wide base means that these steps are incredibly sturdy and can easily handle weight exceeding 160 lbs.

The biggest difference you will see with our stairs is that we have a safety rail on each side of the steps so dogs will not fall off either side and they will not be tempted to cheat and jump off the steps risking injuries. The safety rails guides dogs all the way down the steps. These rails also help dogs to feel safe and secure when using the steps.

We have created a 3 step version which is ideal for couches as it is roughly 16" in height measured to the top step and a 4 step version which is ideal for beds as it is roughly 21" in height to the top step, with the safety rail coming up an additional 8".

I personally think they are awesome, and even I can go up and down them with ease so it might double as my step ladder when the dogs aren't using them 😉

Ann-Marie Fleming is the Founder & CEO of Dog Quality, a provider of  innovative assistive products focused on improving the quality of life for older dogs and the families that care for them. 

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